CBM 1038: Beatles ‘Live in Italy’ / ‘Italy’ / ‘Italy/Paris’

Beatles Live In Italy 3

Also known under WEC-4178; release date: 1975

All these LPs are very rare and even the excellent bootleg blogs in Japan – Konichiwa & arigato! – have very little information on these.

‘ITALY’ is on Instant Analysis, Hot Wacks lists the following tracks for it:

Side 1: Boys / Do You want To Know A Secret / All My Loving / Please Please Me / Misery / Twist & Shout / You Can’t Do That                                                                                                                                Side 2: Twist & Shout / You Can’t Do That / All My Loving / Can’t Buy Me Love                                       R: Satisfactory mono

Side 1 must be a mix of BBC 1963 recordings for tracks 1 – 5 & for the final two 1964 live in concert tracks. Side two is excerpts from Hollywood Bowl 1964 (thanks to the bunburytales blog for providing that answer, I knew thanking my friends in Japan was well placed here in this entry). The whole package might have been released to cash in on the obscure Beatles In Italy 1965 compilation LP John Lennon mentioned in the December 1970 Rolling Stone interview.


Beatles Italy Paris SLCS 3

‘ITALY / PARIS’ is a release on the King Kong sub label with the matrix numbers 4178A / 3688 A and is described as “S1: S1 of  ‘Paris’    S2: S1 of ‘ITALY’

Beatles Live in Italy 2

Beatles Live In Italy 4


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