Beatles SOL 5

Beatles Soldier Of Love KK

SOLDIER OF LOVE, released in summer 1974 with a yellow CBM “pirate” label, a back cover featuring a D’Anunzio drawing pasted over the CBM “cartoon” print, matrix TB-1022, features the first appearance on LP of “I’ll Be On My Way,” in quite poor quality (a very rare 7″ single had already been released), together with a few other numbers, among which is of course the title track.”

Beatles SOL blue lbl

Below, with King Kong symbol:

Beatles SOL KK

Release date: 1974, Rated as “Satisfactory mono”

Side 1:
– I’ll Be On My Way  – Side by Side, 24 June 1963 (recorded April 4, 1963)
– Till There Was You – likely Ed Sullivan Show 1964
– Do The Oz – Lennon B-side from 1971 single ‘God Save Oz’
– Sentimental Journey – Ed Sullivan introduces Ringo’s “Sentimental Journey” promo film from Season 23, Episode 32, Aired: May 17, 1970                                                                                           – I Got A Woman*                                                                                                                                                      – Soldier Of Love (Lay Down Your Arms) – Pop Go The Beatles # 5, 16 July 1963 (2 July 1963) – first bootleg appearance

The source for ‘Soldier Of Love’ was then Phoenix pop radio station KRIZ-AM who had managed to obtain a recording, which they played on the air, despite the mediocre quality and incomplete state, further added to by branding it with the words “KRIZ exclusive” played over it.

* “The Beatles recorded two versions of Ray Charles’ song I Got A Woman for BBC radio. Charles released the song as a single in December 1954. The Beatles performed it live on many occasions in the early 1960s, prior to their record deal with EMI, with John Lennon on lead vocals.

Although the group never recorded it in the studio, they performed I Got A Woman twice for BBC radio shows. Their arrangement was more similar to Elvis Presley’s 1956 version, which The Beatles most likely heard on his debut UK album Rock ‘N’ Roll No 1.

The Beatles first recorded I Got A Woman on 16 July 1963 at the BBC Paris Theatre in London, for the ninth edition of the Pop Go The Beatles programme. It was first broadcast on 13 August. This version can be heard on the Live At The BBC collection.

They performed it again on 31 March 1964, for the Saturday Club radio show. It was recorded at the Playhouse Theatre, London, and first transmitted on 4 April that year.

Currently available only on bootlegs, this second version was faster than the 1963 take, with a double-tracked vocal by John Lennon but without the stop-start rhythms and the delayed appearance of the drums.” [So, if you have this CBM bootleg, you can now check which one it is]
Side 2:
– Pirate of The Beatles & Murray The “K”: As It Happened! EP from 1964

Murray The K EP


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