CBM 1016: mccartney & WINGS ‘BELGIUM 1972′ / Naturescapes :HHCER 116 / McCARTNEY 1st LIVE SHOW SPRING 72 :WRMB 370

Wings Belgium 2

Actual city, venue and country: University of Hull, Hull, UK on February 11th, 1972

Side 1: Lucille/ Give Ireland Back To The Irish/ Blue Moon/ Some People Never Know
Side 2: The Mess I’m In/ Big Bop/ Say Darling/ Smile Away/ My Love  

HW quality rating: “Poor mono”

Complete Concert set list:

Lucille / Give Ireland Back To The Irish – “Your Wee Tobacco Box” / Blue Moon Of Kentucky / Seaside Woman – vocals: Linda / Help Me – vocals: Denny Laine/ Some People Never Know / The Mess / Bib Bop / Thank You Darling / Smile Away / My Love – The Old Grand Duke of York / Henry’s Blue – vocals: Henry McCullough / Wild Life / Give Ireland Back To The Irish / The Mess / Lucille

CBM were the first bootleg label to release excerpts from a tape of a very young and under rehearsed Wings in only their third ever live performance, CBM had been supplied with. It really is a pity that no later shows have turned up, so that their progress as performers could be followed. Why CBM sold this as a performance from Belgium, I would love to know. The band had actually played in Antwerp, Belgium in the meantime (August 22 ’72), perhaps that had something to do with it.

Although, the track list differs a little bit, Ken’s Highway Hi Fi label release Naturescapes [that I can’t find any image of] is a straight copy of CBM’s album.

Around 1976, Wizardo pressed what Madinger & Easter have described in the book Eight Arms To Hold You as a “different dub of the audience recording” for the release 1st Live Show Spring 72 on WRMB 370:

Wings 1st Live Show Spring 72

Wings First Live Show 370

The master was assigned the number 371 in error (which was kept by Hot Wacks in their listings), this matrix marking was then corrected by hand to read “370”.

The double LP exists on black vinyl and with green Wizardo labels as well, copies of the first cover variation seem to carry the TMOQ sign for some reason.

The actual track list is a bit hard to determine for this set, so I will go by the following torrent information as the CD used here is a direct copy of the WRMB title:

Paul McCartney & Wings – February 11, 1972
University of Hull (Hull University), Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

Paul McCartney – vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar
Linda McCartney – vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine – vocals, guitar, bass, piano
Henry McCullough – guitar, vocals
Denny Seiwell – drums, percussion

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??Unknown??
Quality: vg
Length: 20 total tracks = 71:01 minutes

Set List:

01 – (fades in) Lucille
02 – Give Ireland Back To The Irish
03 – Your Wee Tobacco Box
04 – Blue Moon Of Kentucky
05 – (band introductions)
06 – Seaside Woman
07 – Help Me
08 – Some People Never Know
09 – The Mess
10 – Bip Bop
11 – Thank You Darling
12 – Smile Away
13 – My Love
14 – The Old Grand Duke Of York
15 – Henry’s Blues
16 – Wild Life
17 – Give Ireland Back To The Irish
18 – (ban BBC comment 0:23m)
19 – The Mess
20 – Lucille

HW rating: “Fair mono”

Now, you would think that this completely supersedes the CBM LP and has made it superfluous but that is not how things work in bootlegland, unfortunately. Madinger & Easter have found that the WRMB double album is in fact missing some in between song chat that is exclusive to Belgium 1972 and would be necessary in order to reconstruct the full set. They do not recommend any of the vinyl sources for the best audio quality but the tape source [which most of us do not have access to, though].


A comment on the value of vinyl/bootlegs in general. It is a bit hard to determine the value of a record if an auction ending on December 24th 2012 stops at $45 with one bid and one ending on January 23rd 2013 for this very item ends at $161 with 9 bidders. The descriptions and images did not differ much regarding the condition of the items (the $45 auction result was for the copy in the image shown here). Perhaps timing is indeed everything.


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