CBM 1000 series: 1011/3403/3512: BOB DYLAN ‘seventy dollar robbery’

CBM started its 1000 series in 1973. A couple of these titles have already been reviewed on this blog (# 1012 -Elton John ‘Live /Scope 72′; # 1014 – The Rolling Stones ‘Angie’ and # 1018 The Beatles ‘Supertracks 2′).

1011        Bob Dylan                 Seventy Dollar Robbery 
1012        Elton John                Live/Scope 72        
1014        Rolling Stones        Angie
1016        Paul McCartney      Belgium 1972
1018        Beatles                     Supertracks 2
1020        Grateful Dead          High Time In The Old Town
1022        Beatles                     Soldier Of Love       
1032        Beatles                     Live In Vancouver
1032A/1034A    Beatles         Melbourne/Vancouver – Super Live Concert Series 4
1034        Beatles                     Live In Melbourne [Instant Analysis]
1036/7     Pink Floyd                Live At Pompeii
1038        Beatles                     Live In Italy [Instant Analysis]
1044        George Harrison    Chicago
1046        Led Zeppelin           Detroit – Just About Back
1048        George Harrison    More From The Tour [Instant Analysis]
1050        Paul McCartney      Leeds England [King Kong]
1058        Beatles                     Forest Hills Tennis Stadium
1060        Pink Floyd                Europe 74
1061        Pink Floyd                Tampa
1070        Beatles                     First United States Performance [King Kong]

Am I missing any? Let me know.


BD 1011: Not an easy release to describe:

Dylan Seventy $ Robbery

Early version, insert exists in different colors.

Dylan Seventy $ Robbery 2

From bobsboots: “In 1978 CBM re-released the LP with a different package (gwa70B). It had a white cover; no Label info; an insert with a blue surrealistic drawing, and blank red and dark blue labels. An earlier version… possibly 1977.. has full printed green labels. ”

So, here, we have the “surrealistic drawing” insert and the full printed green labels in yet another “hybrid” version. I wonder if the given years are correct. Did CBM produce albums as late as 1978?

I found the following quote online, so the blue wax version is confirmed – must be very rare though: “I used to have a blue vinyl, white sleeve bootleg record with handwritten titles. The boot was known as “Seventy Dollar Robbery”… “. A seller in Japan describes the vinyl as “disc is smoky…”.

Dylan Seventy $ Robbery lbl green

Side 1: Wild mountain thyme      Isle of Wight 8/31/69
Moonshine Blues                          ‘Times’ outtake
Cocaine                                           “Minnesota hotel tape” (Dec.’61)
Naomi Wise                                    “Minnesota hotel tape” (Dec.’61)
John Brown                                     Witmark demo                                                                       

Side 2:                                                                                                                                                               Jesse James/ Remember me    Gleason Home tape 1961
East  Virginia blues                        NET-TV Scruggs documentary ’69
Folsom prison blues                     “Self Portrait” outtake
Ring of fire                                       “Self Portrait” outtake
It ain’t me, babe                              Isle of Wight 8/31/69 
George Jackson (acoustic)         taken from orig. CBS 45 B-side

HW lists quality as “Gm”. Matrixes: Version 1: BD 1011.                                                                  Version 2 – Red insert and blank labels, CBM LP logo: 3512 matrix.                                                 Version 3 – blue vinyl version with insert, CBM LP logo, full printed green labels: 3403 matrix. 

Dylan Seventy $ Robbery lbl orange

Dylan Seventy $ Robbery lbl blu

Another label variation, a cross between a blank and a CBM logo label. Track list for side 2 added by previous owner.



Sent him off to prison
For a seventy dollar robbery
Closed the door behind him
And they threw away the key

Lord, Lord, they cut George Jackson down
Lord, Lord, they laid him in the ground


[Bob Dylan “George Jackson”]

From Wikipedia: “

“George Jackson” is a song by Bob Dylan, written in 1971, in tribute to the Black Panther leader, George Jackson, who had been recently shot and killed by guards at San Quentin Prison on August 21, 1971, an event that indirectly provoked the Attica Prison riot.

Dylan recorded the song at Columbia Studio B, on November 4, 1971and it was quickly released as a 45 rpm single, Columbia 4-45516, on November 12, 1971. The single consisted of a “Big Band version” of the song on Side A and an “Acoustic version” on Side B.”

  1. John said:

    dear , what do you mean with the lines…> by 2022 … ….pace…<
    what do you mean with that?
    keep going on your amazing work btw.
    looking every day on this great blog..happy that feb is gone!! 🙂

  2. I wanted to say that there may have been more time between the releases in this series compared to Ken, who seems to have knocked out a good number of titles each month after month but I removed the sentence. Thank you for your words of praise!

  3. John said:

    no prob…you’re worth it..:-)
    you can easely contact your…our..hero.
    send me a personal message and i will help you.

  4. I haven’t verified all of these, but here are some Beatles titles I’ve found:

    1000 – Five Nights In A Judo Arena
    1001 – Beatles In Atlanta Whiskey Flat
    1002 – Live Germ. Concerts & US Telecasts
    1003 – Live At Hollywood Bowl
    1005 – LS Bumblebee

    1024 – Cinelogue III (AHDN) (9/74)
    1026 – Cinelogue IV (Help!)
    1028 – Cinelogue V (Magical Mystery Tour) (9/74)
    1040 – Stockholm
    1056 – Day Tripper Jam (Instant Analysis)

    I think the 100x titles may not exist, the rest likely do.

  5. Thank you for this list. As I am doing this, I am suspecting that the 1000 series may be the later reissues and the 3- and 4000 series were the originals that came out in 1973? However, contradicting this is this comment I found: “4451 Pink Floyd – Live At Pompeii (reissue)”. It’s all quite confusing.

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