CBM 3712: “WE NEVER REALLY GOT IT ON TILL DETROIT” / “We Didn’t Really Get It On Until Detroit” / LIVE FROM/IN DETROIT :Bash Records / R.S. – Live From Detroit 69 / ‘Mick Taylor we thank you’ :tongue in cheek

“The band got better and better the more they performed. That was clear to anyone who heard them on the West Coast, in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and then, later, in New York or West Palm Beach. It was clear to Mick, who noted: ‘Compared to the way we sounded later along, we were terrible in San Francisco. Ragged. By the time we were in Detroit, I’d say, it was like a one hundred percent improvement.'”

Mick Jagger in the December 28, 1969, issue of “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Rolling Stones WNRGIOUDetroit

1969detroit Nov 24

Detroit Olympia – November 24th ’69, first show. Audience recording, described as “Satisfactory mono” in HW but “Very Good Stereo Audience recording” in dbboots.com; released in 1973; Matrix: WEC 3712 – A / B

Side 1: Jumpin’ Jack Flash /Carol / Sympathy for the Devil / Prodigal Son / You Gotta Move
Side 2: Little Queenie / Satisfaction / Honky Tonk Women / Street Fighting Man

Concert set list:

Jumping Jack Flash     
Sympathy For The Devil     
Stray Cat Blues     
Love In Vain       
Prodigal Son       
Under My Thumb       
Midnight Rambler       
Live With Me     
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction     
Honky Tonk Women       
Street Fighting Man       
Little Queenie     
You Gotta Move

Rolling Stones WNRGIOUDetroit 2

There are more titles containing this show across 2 LPs and this is where it gets a bit complicated. rollingstonesnet.com claims that the much rarer We Didn’t Really Get It On Until Detroit – likely the second R.S. bootleg ever – and Live From Detroit on Bash Records are in better quality. dbboots lists a third rare 2 LP set called Live In Detroit and claims they are all the same source recording. What is certain is that Live From Detroit and Live In Detroit contain the same tracks with the same lengths and may have come from the same master:

LP 1:
01. Jumping Jack Flash [04:12] 
02. Carol [03:55] 
03. Sympathy For The Devil [07:06] 
04. Stray Cat Blues [04:03] 
05. Love In Vain [05:22] 
06. Prodigal Son [03:39] 
07. You Gotta Move [02:26] 
08. Under My Thumb [03:24] 
LP 2:
09. Midnight Rambler [10:23] 
10. Live With Me [03:17] 
11. Little Queenie [04:05] 
12. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [06:28] 
13. Honky Tonk Women [04:08] 
14. Street Fighting Man [03:49] 

In the end, it is very likely that CBM did copy this title as a compilation set from the double release shown here:

Rolling Stones We Didn't Really Get It On Until Detroit 2LP

This double set, pictured above, still sells for a good price, even in mediocre condition.

Rolling Stones LFDetroit 2

Rolling Stones LiveFromDetroit

Notes for Live From Detroit: “Decent audience recording for 1969 but not good by modern standards. Originally released as the second ever Stones boot (also reviewed in Rolling
Stone mag) “We Didn’t Really Get It on Until Detroit;” Only the first release is stereo.”

Rolling Stones Live In Detroit

From a torrent description:

“The original Detroit LP [I’m assuming that We Didin’t Really Get It On Until Detroit is meant here] is the only source of the stereo audience recording. The tape has never circulated. This LP was copied in mono by other labels (Bash, Wisconsin Cheese/Contraband, European no company), but the recording is only VG and was never reissued much after the early 1970s.

One of the European copies was most likely this one:

Rolling Stones R.S.

The Rolling Stones – R.S. – Live From Detroit 69

Available as two single LPs, part 1 had black lettering and part 2 blue and finally, red as well.
Matrices: S1/2, S4-A/B, RS 129-A, RS-121

Three songs from the concert [Sympathy For The Devil, Stray Cat Blues and
Little Queenie ] were broadcast on some type of local TV show,
possibly “Detroit Tube Works”. “ These appeared on the 1980’s vinyl LP Mick Taylor we thank you:

Rolling Stones Mick Taylor We Thank You

Concert reviews for the Detroit and other shows from original newspaper clippings can be found here: http://www.iorr.org/talk/read.php?1,1586454,1597132


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