More CBM copies (# 6): The Beatles ‘GET BACK TO TORONTO’

To recap, in late summer 1969 and throughout the fall, tape copies of one of producer Glyn John’s early acetate collection of the Get Back sessions were aired by a number of American radio stations. One of them was WBCN in Boston, who had obtained a reel-to-reel tape of an acetate and broadcast the tape on 22 September 1969. The broadcast was preserved on another high-quality reel by a listener and by the end of 1969, the recordings turned up on The Beatles’ first bootleg release titled Kum Back, released in January of 1970.

In early 1970, the next Get Back era bootlegs were the Silver Album released the same month and shortly after that Get Back To Toronto on I.P.F. Records .

A1         John & Yoko Peace Message (5:31)    VG
A2        Get Back (3:07)    RS1, 28 January, 1969    Ex
A3         Teddy Boy (5:56)            EX        
A3         Two Of Us (0:09)            EX
A4        Two Of Us (3:43)            EX         
A5         Dig A Pony (4:05)            EX
Stereo mixes, recorded in Apple’s basement studio, 22-24 January, 1969
B1         I Got A Feeling (2:56)            EX        
B2         Let It Be (4:00)            EX        
B3         Don’t Let Me Down (3:53)        EX        
B4         For You Blue (2:56)            EX         
B5         Get Back (2:52)                EX        
B6         The Walk (0:55)                EX
Stereo mixes, recorded in Apple’s basement studio, 22-27 January, 1969                                              B7         Christmas Time (Is Here Again) (6:06)   EX

Beatles GBtToronto

Beatles GBtToronto lbl

Matrix – A: HA HA / B: HO HO

Further matrix variations are IPF-1-A S-2142 / IPF-1-B S-2143, LOEB side 1/ LOEB side 2 and RP-23A / RP-23B, which was also used for this block letter design shown here:

Beatles GBtToronto lbl 2

Beatles GBtToronto 2

The label commonly found with the Peace Sign cover and original I.P.F. Records release looks like the first one shown. The cover exists at least in grey as well.

In 1972, CBM copied this title and changed the matrix to 3519 A/B and degraded the tracks to mono.
Beatles GBtToronto

If the insert is still present, it usually does not have the CBM typical record icon seen above and the CBM version can be immediately identified by its generic cartoon back cover.

CBM also added two stickers to the shrink wrap. One saying “THE BEATLES – THEIR UNRELEASED REHEARSAL CUTS – 1970” (to make sure everyone had no doubt who the performers were) and

“Notices Of Intention To Use Copyrighted Material, Filed Where Necessary. All Statutory Royalties Paid. CBM Music. Norfolk, Virginia”.

The same notice, this time printed on the cover insert, can also be seen in the lower left corner of the CBM title British Blue Jam.

Beatles GBtToronto 2

It seems that the CBM version came with two stickers:

CBM sticker 1

CBM copyright

CBM IA KK SH generic back

Beatles GBtToronto lbl

  1. Aussie0zborn said:

    The reason it was “degraded” to mono is more than likley because the disc cutting studio used for this copy only had a mono cutting system. It’s unlikely that someone decided it would be “better” in mono. Bootleggers usually used whoever they could trust and in those days not every cutting studio had a stereo cutting system. Even Ken wasnt a technically savvy guy and had no idea you could separate tracks on a live album, which is why all his releases (until he accidentally found out it could be done) had no track spearation.

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