Obvious Copy Jobs 2: CBM does Dylan’s GWW

Dylan GWW 2

Shown here is the WCF version that CBM took the cover design and release numbers from (see the CBM matrix #s below).

Dylan GWW red lbl

Dylan GWW red lbl 4

From bobsboots.com: “In 1970, the U.S. Label ‘Contraband’ … also known as ‘CBM’ ; released what is possibly the first bootleg to have a printed cover  (gwa 1Ad).  It is a glue-on insert with a 1965 Daniel Kramer photo along with the song titles.  It was pressed on black vinyl with yellow CBM labels [I actually do not think that this was the original first CBM version but the one shown here but I may have gotten mislead by two listings who in turn based their identification on the labels saying 40-A/B & 41-A/B, so take this with a pinch of salt, as it may turn out to be yet another version CBM only copied the cover from, as the missing record symbol in the lower right corner of the cover above indicates. bobsboots does not list this version at all.].  There was also a version released that had a picture of King Kong on one label, and a dragon on the other.  Unfortunately, all of these copies of the original gwa 1Aa are very poor quality. 

3 stars     NMP175 [I doubt anyone would pay that much for it these days]

Matrix: LP one: 1 40 A / 2 40 B   LP two: 1 41 A / 2 41 B

There are no fewer than fifty separately identifiable albums that have either copied this material directly, or have released this material in varying qualities under the same title.” So, no wonder that things are a little cloudy.

From an eBay ad: “Purchased by me at Reznick’s Records in 1970.”

There are the usual cover stock and label variations (I will not show them all as I have a limited image upload quota and imho showing the pirate logo on a yellow and green background, etc. plus the King Kong variations gets tedious when there are 100+ listings to do this for) as the album went through several re-pressings:

Dylan GWW 1

Dylan GWW 3

Dylan GWW 4

Dylan GWW 5


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