Obvious CBM Copy Jobs 3: 1900 Tokyo Sixty Six & Budo Kan Hall

Beatles Tokyo 66 red

Beatles Tokyo 66 vers 3

Beatles Tokyo 66 Comet

The release number being identical with TAKRL’s On Stage In Japan The 1966 Tour may not be a coincidence. One website claims that this CBM LP was produced from TAKRL’s original stampers (but still sounding worse). HW, however states that this is a copy of De Weintraub’s Five Nights In A Judo Arena.

Release date ca: 1974/5

Beatles Tokyo 66 vers 2

The sticker visible above (if legit) reminds us of the one applied to the CBM Supertracks 2 release as discussed in the post: HHCER 102: THE BEATLES supertracks / supertracks 2 :CBM 1018 / bacTrax sessions :King Kong WEC-3922. See it here

King Kong later re-issued this master under this title (not mentioned in HW):

Beatles Budo Kan Hall

Beatles Budo Kan H lbl

  1. Aussie0zborn said:

    I’m quite sure that CBM and King King were Ken labels as was HHCER hence some releases on these labels using TAKRL stampers. Other Ken labels included the latter year suppposedly Australian based Phoenix Records which ofcourse was never based in Australia.

    • I am sorry but CBM and it’s sub labels were done on the East coast and not by Ken. That’s been proven.

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