death 533: A Trip To Seattle 2: TANGERINE DREAM ‘FOTZENSLECKER’ & “NETZ – LAUTSTÄRKE!” :K&S 022

Tangerine Dream Fotzenslecker

Note the incorrect year on version 1 above.

Tangerine Dream Netz-Lautstärke!

What “cute” album titles US bootleggers come up with when confronted with a German band – sex or technical stuff it is! On the other hand, Germany did have that “heady” Kraut Rock movement paving the way for some rather technically centered performers such as Kraftwerk (and I am only scratching the surface here).

The tour schedule:

Info regarding the material performed can be found here:

Quality rated as “Audience B-” making it the worst sounding from the tour.

K&S pressed 100 copies on multi-color vinyl from the original plates as K&S 022. This is what they look like:

Tangerine Dream K&S LP

  • Matrix / Runout: 75331-A
  • Matrix / Runout: 75331-B
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