death records

One (bootleg) label that I have never read anything about was LA based Death Records, a Wizardo sub-label slotting in nicely into WRMB’s 500 series and sharing its cover design. Despite the morbid name, this was one cutting edge label in its time, up there with TAKRL, although with about 5% of the output. They certainly took some chances, produced a couple of legendary titles and worked very economically by sometimes recording both the opening and the main act and releasing both. They also made the most out of their ‘field trip’ to Seattle in April of 1977. Audio quality was not one of its stronger points though but that is balanced out by providing us with the only source for these recordings in almost all cases. At least these were not copied from other labels or common nationwide radio broadcasts.

Doing research on this label is tough, as the name was, of course, irresistible to many punk and death metal publishers. If you enter “Death Records” into popsike, you get 25000 hits! It’s like searching for a couple of needles in a really big haystack.If there are any missing releases, please let me know and I will add them.

352 Paul Simon & George Harrison “Live From New York…”

507 Jefferson Starship live ‘L.A. Forum Sept 30 1976’ [alson on WRMB 507, titled ‘Live’]

520 Heart ‘Frostbacks Live, L.A. Forum’ – September 30 ’76 [Heart opened for Jefferson Starship]

521 Peter Frampton ‘In London’

525 Runaways ‘No Olds Allowed’ – Santa Monica Civic, April 1, ’77
526 Cheap Trick ‘In Concert’ – Santa Monica Civic, April 1, ’77 [supporting The Runaways]


529 George Harrison & Bob Dylan ‘When Everybody Comes To Town’                                                      530 Dolly Parton ‘Live In Hollywood’ – The Roxy, April 15 ’77
531 Procol Harum ‘Snails and Pentagrams’ – Seattle Arena, April 20 ’77 [supporting Supertramp]
532 Supertramp ‘Live’ – Seattle Arena, April 20 ’77
533 Tangerine Dream ‘Fotzenslecker / Netz-Lautstärke’ – Seattle Paramount Theater, April 21 ’77
534 Nils Lofgren ‘Old Grey Whistle’

536 Jefferson Airplane ‘Flight Log’ [death / Canyon release]

I did not find any cover images for the D. Parton and Procol Harum releases and for N.Lofgren just for the limited K&S re-issue “In London” but I will cover all the others in detail, I have the Cheap Trick LP documented quite well as I used to own and recorded it some 30 years ago.

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