Captain Beefheart Easy Teeth

Captain Beefheart ET b

a1. Hair Pie: Bake III (2:27) mis-titled ‘Flavor Bud Living’
a2. Suction Prints (5.12)
a3. Electricity (4:54)
a4. Click Clack (8:21)
a5. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond (2:07)
a6. Floppy Boot Stomp (4:23)
b1. Bat Chain Puller (6:16)
b2. Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man (4:52)
b3. Crazy Little Thing (3:12)
b4. When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy (5:22)
b5. Owed T’Alex (4:53)
c1. I Love You, You Big Dummy (0:16) [poem]
c2. Low Yo Yo Stuff (4:06)
c3. Pachuco Cadaver (5:02)
c4. Abba Zaba (4:57)
c5. Grow Fins (7:43)
c6. Dali’s Car (1:35)
d1. China Pig (8:34)
d2. Sure ’nuff ‘n Yes I Do (3:22)
d3. Sun Zoom Spark (2:30)
d4. When You Smile (0:46)
d5. Big Eyed Beans From Venus (6:11)
d6. Golden Birdies (2:37)

Total length: 1:39:38

Captain Beefheart/Don Van Vliet: vocals, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone,
bass clarinet
Eric Drew ‘Black Jew/Kitabo’ Feldman: bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
Robert ‘Wait For Me’ Williams: drums, percussion
Jeff ‘Tapir/White Jew’ Moris Tepper: guitar, slide-guitar
Feeler’s Reedo/Walla Walla/Denny Walley: guitar, slide guitar
Harry Duncan: harmonica
Paul ‘Eazy Teeth’ Young: vocals (on: When You Smile)

From “Glass Finger’s Big Bad But Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs – Volume #1” (Apocalypse) / 1994 :
Easy Teeth on Impossible Recordworks 2-27 (of Légerdemain, usa!). Recorded February 18th 1978 at the Golden Bear, Huntington Beach, California, USA – “A two-records set”. Stereo – US(?) bootleg with deluxe b+w cover with Don Vliet sitting on a sofa in sunglasses on the front cover. Nice black on yellow labels with spiral pattern. Has band line up. The sound of this is not particularly good, muffled and bass-y, so I guess it is a poor “audience recording” [rated ‘Gm’ in Hot Wacks, yet when shared on a live recordings only torrent site it was described as “Clear-sounding and powerful performance, excellent recording, Quality: 8,5/10 – so take your pick”]. It does feature a great amount of “audience participation” which Beefheart appears to enjoy in a sort of “might go out of control any minute” kind of way. He attempts to calm them down by reciting short sections of song lyrics between tracks – giving them a bit of “Big Dummy” and “China Pig”. Then he tries to elicit some sympathy from them with “they put these damned lights on me and give me no water!” and tells them about once meeting Roland Kirk in the middle of the night out looking for “ribs” and advising him to try “the bible”. Before Owed T’Alex he tells them, in a good-natured way, how it is about Alex Snouffer and his tendency to “blame everything on his motorbike” while after Electricity he says “that song is twenty years old… it’s a square dance… that’s right… it’s a dance for squares”. At the end of one song he suddenly finds that Bruce Fowler is in the audience! – he then introduces him to the crowd who, being American of course, start to whoop excessively, and then Beefheart tries to convince Bruce to join them on stage and play, vaguely asking someone in the audience or off-stage “do you have a trombone?”. The show as per usual ends with Big Eyed Beans From Venus but they return for an encore of Golden Birdies to more wild whooping.”


A few listener comments from the above mentioned torrent site:

“I’m afraid that would be me opening side two with a hearty and frenzied shout of ‘FREE BAT CHAIN PULLER!” ”

“i was there! i talked to him for about two hours after the show – one of the high points of my life. my hero…”

“The Captain & Gang seem to be enjoying themselves here, as am I while listening”

“Thx! This one’s really good!”

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