Young N Rust NS

Young N Rust NS b

The influential Rust Never Sleeps Tour ended with two shows at the LA Forum on October 23rd and 24th 1978 right after the show at the Cow Palace in Daly City outside of San Francisco that had been filmed for the concert documentary.

SIDE 1 : Sugar Mountain / I Am A Child / Comes A Time / Already One / After The Goldrush / Out Of The Blue
SIDE 2 : When You Dance I Can Really Love / The Loner / Love Is Green / Downtown / The Needle And The Damage Done / Lotta Love
SIDE 3 : Hard To Find A Job / One-Way Ticket / Cortez The Killer / Cinnamon Girl
SIDE 4 : Like A Hurricane / Tonight’s The Night / Out Of The Blue

“Exm” audience recording

Neil played an identical set each night at the Inglewood Forum, except that the source tape for the 23rd is 93 minutes long and that for the last night 100 minutes:

01.    Sugar Mountain
02.    I Am A Child
03.    Comes A Time
04.    Already One
05.    After The Gold Rush
06.    Thrasher
07.    My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
08.    When You Dance I Can Really Love
09.    The Loner
10.    Welfare Mothers
11.    Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown
12.    The Needle And The Damage Done
13.    Lotta Love
14.    Sedan Delivery
15.    Powderfinger
16.    Cortez The Killer
17.    Cinnamon Girl
18.    Like A Hurricane
19.    Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
20.    Tonight’s The Night


Young N American Tour

Young N American Tour b

Re-release on Phoenix Records.

When this material started being torrented in the last decade, American Tour was said to be from the 23rd and Rust Never Sleeps from the 24th but that cannot be right as it is the same recording.

This is still reflected in the reviews on “American Tour is a double-disc bootleg drawn from an audience tape probably made on October 23, 1978, at the Los Angeles Forum as part of the Rust Never Sleeps Tour. As such, it is essentially similar to Live Rust, the legitimate album culled from the same tour. It does, however, contain a few extra songs: “Already One,” from the then newly released Comes a Time; “Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown,” the Danny Whitten song that appears on Tonight’s the Night; and “Welfare Mothers” (mistitled “Love Is Green”), which is on Rust Never Sleeps. It also features, between the set closer, “Like a Hurricane,” and the encore, “Tonight’s the Night,” a cheesy MC who rouses the crowd in a blatantly insincere manner. Since American Tour probably was released before Live Rust, it served initially to provide a recording of one of Young & Crazy Horse’s more impressive tours, but with the release of the Reprise album, it became largely redundant. (By the way, don’t be fooled by the incorrect titles into thinking this album contains unreleased material. “Hard to Find a Job” is really “Sedan Delivery,” and “One-Way Ticket” is “Powderfinger.”)”

vs.: “Not to be confused with the legitimate Neil Young album Rust Never Sleeps (Reprise 2295), the bootleg album of the same name is a two-disc live recording drawn from the last performance of the Rust Never Sleeps Tour, October 24, 1978, at the Forum in Los Angeles. Either a soundboard or a good quality audience recording, the album contains 18 songs and is essentially similar to the legitimate release Live Rust. The differences are that the bootleg contains versions of “Already One” and “Welfare Mothers” not found on Live Rust, while Live Rust contains a version of “When You Dance I Can Really Love” not found on the bootleg. Nevertheless, Live Rust makes this bootleg largely redundant, which it may in fact have been intended to do.”

Young N RNS sticker

This seller seemed to have more information. “2nd show” would point to the 24th. Only 1000 made – could this be true or just a selling argument to justify the hefty asking price of $145 [it ended up selling for $100 on eBay]?

Young Neil Live LA lbls

Young N Rust NS b

This second version with Slipped Disc labels and a different track list is generally credited to the 24th. Comparing the overlapping tracks would bring final clarity.

Side A: Sugar Mountain, I Am A Child, Comes A Time, Already One, After The Gold Rush
Side B: The Thrashers, Out Of The Blue And Into The Black, Rock And Roll Will Never Die, The Loner, Welfare Mothers, The Needle And The Damage Done, Cinnamon Girl
Side C: Lotta Love, Gotta Get Away, Powder Finger, LIke A Hurricane
Side D: Cortez The Killer (reggae version), Out Of The Blue And Into The Black, Tonight’s The Night

Listed as “Exs” in Hot Wacks.

Young N LA Forum RE

Young N LA Forum RE bl

on Unmitigated Audacity Records # NY 201

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