Police Vinyl Villains

Police VV b

Although the Police did play six shows over three days at the Whiskey on March 1 – 3 1979, none of them were recorded for radio. This is from Hatfield, Polytechnic, England on February 21st 1979, first broadcast by the BBC on BBC2’s “Rock Goes to College” on April 6th 1979 (11.40pm).

The radio transcription LP had:

01.Cant stand losing you
02.So lonely
03.Fall out
04.Hole in my life
05.Truth hits Everybody
06.Message in a bottle
09.Next to you
10.Cant stand losing you (reprise)

Police BBC Rock Hour

  1. nigel dodds said:

    i see they ran out of ideas by the time they got to the back cover. not a bad sound on this one though.

  2. They sure did. The lack of attention to detail is even more breathtaking. Hatfield is clearly mentioned on the recording, so how could they sell this as being from LA? Would it sell better if it says on the back that it is?

  3. nigel dodds said:

    i think you’re right about the ‘cynical’ venue change, or did people really go to all the bother of putting boots
    like this together without listening to the tapes first!

  4. Well, they may have done spot-checks for quality. What the mastering actually entailed back then, I am not sure. Ken’s releases had the best art work & titles when he was a partner with the Dr. and Art Gnuvo.
    It’s all a bit downhill from there, although some of the color ones on Toasted, Phoenix and Beacon Island are nice but then they must have cost him three times as much to produce.
    Still, nice to see that Ken retained some of the pioneer spirit in taking a chance on relatively new and obscure acts. I believe this was the first Police vinyl boot back in ’79.

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