IMP 1-29: Black Sabbath ‘Unorthodox’

Black Sabbath Unorthodox 2

Source: Legion Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, 2/9/1978
       (* Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 6/8/1975) [correct location and date for those three tracks is: Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ on August 5, 1975]
Side 1: Snowblind / Black Sabbath / Iron Man
Side 2: Paranoid / Killing Yourself To Live*/ Hole In The Sky*/ War Pigs*
Stencil Side 1: 1-29-A
Stencil Side 2: 1-29-B
Company and/or Label: Impossible Recordworks, USA
Catalogue-Number: IMP 1-29
Comments: Very good/excellent stereo in fine black and white artwork sleeve
          with etching of an angel on a hill before a crowd of wanderers and
          group shot on back.  Last 3 tracks from “Gr’ndlepol”.

[This website ( claimed this album was “very rare” but this is not true at all, even before it was repressed recently. Very rare is when your internet search engine has no clue what you are talking about after you have entered the artist and album title.]

Black Sabbath UO b

Repressed in 2011 (!) on clear vinyl  (are vinyl boots back?):

Black Sabbath UO repress

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