S&Banshees Metal Shadows

S&Banshees MS b

A1         Love In A Void     2:38     
A2         Metal Postcard     3:39     
A3         Suburban Relapse     3:08     
A4         Mirage     2:44     
A5         Carcass     3:47     
A6         Overground     3:10     
B1         Helter Skelter     3:34     
B2         Hong Kong Garden     2:45     
B3         Make Up To Break Up     4:39
B4        Love And Romance     Performed by The Slits    
B5         Carcass (II)     4:36     
B6         Love In A Void (II)     3:25

Bass – Steven Severin
    Drums [Uncredited] – Kenny Morris
    Engineer [Uncredited] – Dave Dade (tracks: A5-6, B1-2), Mike Robinson (tracks: A1-4)
    Guitar – John McKay (tracks: A1-B2)
    Guitar [Uncredited] – Pete Fenton (tracks: B3-5)
    Percussion – Kenny Morris
    Piano – Siouxsie Sioux
    Producer [Uncredited] – Malcolm Brown (tracks: A1-4), Siouxsie & The Banshees (tracks:      B3-5), Tony Wilson (tracks: A5-6, B1-2)

A1-4 STUDIO RADIO SESSION (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded 29/11/1979)
A4-5, B1-2 STUDIO RADIO SESSION (John Peel Show, BBC Radio 1, recorded 6/2/1978)
B 3-5 STUDIO DEMOS FOR TRACK RECORDS (Riverside Studios, London, recorded 12/6/1977)

B 3-5 are running too fast, unfortunately this was not corrected when B3 was officially released in 2005.

Tracks A1-4 officially released in 1987 on The Peel Sessions.
Tracks A5-6, B1-2 officially released in 1989 on The Peel Sessions – The Second Session.
Track B3 officially released in 2005 on The Scream – Deluxe Edition.

A copy of this European bootleg:

S&Banshees LIV

Detailed info can be found here:

This 1979 UK album is discussed in Heylin’s book in the “Anarchy In The UK” chapter, stating that “many fans considered Love In A Void superior to [the band’s] debut album The Scream“. “… the truth is that many fans were disappointed by the takes of songs like ‘Carcass’ and ‘Helter Skelter’, preferring the versions heard originally on John Peel’s radio show.”

The band ended up taking legal action against the bootlegger, suing him for damages and winning, states Heylin.


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