Excitable Recordworks 4506-1: THE BYRDS ‘DOIN’ ALLRIGHT FOR OLD PEOPLE’


“A landmark gig […] occurred early the following year, when these three original Byrds members hit the stage of San Francisco’s intimate Boarding House on February 9, 1978. Recorded for broadcast by KSAN radio and presented here, this performance would rapidly be bootlegged on vinyl as a “Byrds Reunion” under the title, Doin’ Alright for Old People, the title a Gene Clark stage banter quote taken from the show itself.”

Side 1: Jolly Roger / Chestnut Mare / Mr. Tambourine Man / You Ain’t Going Nowhere / Turn Turn Turn Side 2: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door / Bye Bye Baby / Rock ‘N’ Roll Star / Eight Miles High / I Feel A Whole Lot Better

A whole lot of background info can be found here: http://ebni.com/byrds/spmch1.html

wolfgangsvault has the complete recording of 16 performances: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/mcguinn-clark-and-hillman/concerts/boarding-house-february-09-1978.html

From a reviewer: “It’s a really amazing show, and everyone is in fine voice. Chestnut Mare sounds fantastic with Clark and Hillman harmonizing. Mr. Tambourine Man is an arrangement where McGuinn, Clark, and Hillman each take a verse. It can be heard on youtube, and two other songs (Crazy Ladies and Train Leaves Here this Morning) are here. I wonder why this thing has never been officially released? “


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