Excitable Recordworks 4501-1: SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY ‘JUKE BOSS’

Southside Johnny Juke Boss 2

Date and venue: 1979-08-08, Asbury Park Convention Hall, FM broadcast on WMMR-FM [If correct – and that seems to be the case – this would determine the approximate release dates for these albums]

A1         All I Want Is Everything         
A2         Waiting On Your Reply         
A3         Talk To Me         
A4         Got To Get You Off My Mind         
B1         Living In The Real World         
B2         I Remember Last Night         
B3         Some Things Just Don’t Change         
B4         I Don’t Want To Go Home         

    Bass – Alan Berger
    Drums, Percussion – Steve Becker
    Guitar – Billy Rush
    Keyboards – Kevin Kavanaugh
    Lead Vocals – Johnny Lyon*
    Other [Inspiration] – Miami” Steve Van Zandt
    Rhythm Guitar – Joel Gramolini
    Saxophone – Ed Manion
    Tenor Saxophone – Stan Harrison
    Trombone – Richard Rosenberg
    Trumpet – Rick Gazda

1 comment
  1. Doinker said:

    Got this one. This is an excellent, although very poorly mixed show.I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 due to the poor mix. I would have place this in constant rotation and given it a 5 if all the instruments I wanted to hear were actually audible. Shame, too.

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