ZAP 7963 (fake Idle Mind label): WISHBONE ASH ‘Ashes Are Burning’

Wishbone Ash Ashes are Burning

The copy shown here, signed by  band members Andy Powell & Laurie Wisefield sold for over $150 in 2010.

Source: Audience recording from Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo October 14 – last night of 1976 Japanese tour

Side 1: The King Will Come/ Warrior/ Lorelei/ Persephone (31:52)
Side 2: You Rescue Me/ Rest In Peace/ Blowin’ Free/ Bad Weather Blues

Unfortunately, described as “Very poor quality”

Japanese release on the ‘fake Idle Mind’ / fake ZAP Japan label.


Wishbone Ash AAB 2

The same date exists on the Tarantura 2-CD release JAPANESE BAIT from a different source tape, while Mr. Peach recorded the band in Tokyo on the 2nd of October (Tarantura title: SILVER SHOES ) and on the 11th in Kita-Kyushu ( LOCKED OUT ).


Thursday 14th October 1976
Tokyo Japan

01. Opening
02. Runaway
03. The King Will Come
04. Warrior
05. Lorelei
06. Persephone
07. Candle Light
08. You Rescue Me
09. Outward Bound
10. Mother Of Pearl
11. Rest In Peace
12. It Started In Heaven
13. Time Was?
14. Blowin’ Free
15. Bad Weather Blues
16. Jail Bait



Wishbone Ash J mag 76The band in the July ’76 edition of Japanese music magazine ONGAKU SENKA




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