who dunit

WHO Dunit 2

Who WD

Side 1

 1. Join Together With The Band (sic Join Together)
 2. I Don’t Even Know Myself
 3. Water (This is allegedly the “live” part of the LP)
 4. Mobile (sic Going Mobile – PT demo)
 5. Young Man’s Blues (sic Young Man Blues)

Side 2

 1. Let’s See Action
 2. Love Ain’t For Keeping (PT demo)
 3. Relay
 4. Greyhound (sic Dogs)
 5. It Didn’t Happen That Way At All (sic Naked Eye)
 6. Jaguar
 7. The Seeker

Not a bootleg but a pirate record due to the 100% officially released content. Perhaps due to recycled artwork the cover states “Live Concert” when none of this is live. All tracks were either available as regular releases or on other bootlegs. The material runs too fast to boot [bad pun intended].


WHO Dunit mcv

WHO Dunit mcv d

I recently found this reissued version on multi-colored PVC. I just think it was a bit of a waste to do this for a pirate record.

Matrix A: HH – Who Dunit A  / Matrix B: HH – Who Dunit B T LZW15

WHO Dunit II


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