PIG’s Eye 8: The Rolling Stones in exotic Honolulu / HONOLULU 1973 :CBM HONRS

Rolling Stones Honolulu large

Source: Hawai’i International Center/ H.I.C. Arena, Monday, January 22 ’73, 6 p.m. show; this is referred to as the “Original Tape”, source for the early LP boots. [ Unfortunately, the worst of the three shows, playing wise. ]

A1  Brown Sugar [03:33]
A2  Bitch [04:19]
A3  Rocks Off [03:56]
A4  Gimme Shelter [05:26]
A5  It’s All Over Now [02:50]
B1  Tumbling Dice [04:36]
B2  Dead Flowers [03:45]
B3  You Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:36]
B4  Rip This Joint [02:16]
B5  Jumping Jack Flash [03:28]
B6  Street Fighting Man [00:13]

Matrix: PE HONOLULU-1/2, released around 1974

RS Hawaii 73

Rolling Stones Honolulu 1973

Riolling Stones  Honolulu 1973 black

A1  Brown Sugar [03:33] 
ABitch [04:18] 
ARocks Off [03:50] 
AGimme Shelter [05:24] 
AIt’s All Over Now [02:55] 
BTumbling Dice [04:36] 
BDead Flowers [03:43] 
BYou Can’t Always Get What You Want [07:35] 
BJumping Jack Flash [03:30] 
BRip This Joint [02:13] 
BStreet Fighting Man [00:12] 

Almost identical banding, except for “Rip This Joint” and “Jumping Jack Flash” having traded places. Matrix: HONRS A/B; released ca. 1975

The Pig’s Eye version saw a number of re-releases through the years. As K&S 049 from the original Pig’s Eye plates on mcv [spot the carefully removed pig’s eye in the 2nd ‘O’]:

Rolling Stones Honolulu 2

On either blue or yellow vinyl with Ruthless Rhymes labels after that:

Rolling Stones Honolulu RR lbl

Rolling Stones Honolulu cv

Rolling Stones Honolulu cv 2

In the early 80’s with POD labels:

Rolling Stones Honolulu POD

These three shows were a big deal, Mick Taylor’s last gigs in a U.S. territory – although nobody knew it at the time – the end of the 1972/3 Tour of the Americas. 8,500 tickets were available for each of the three shows, ZZ Top were the opener.

“Once again, the gathering madness. Chartered flights from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Denver. Stories in the local papers about kids waiting in line through Christmas Eve and Day for tickets, about how Don Norton, manager of a gas station in Pearl City, left his line Sunday morning at 2:30 AM because his wife Maria was having their first child. He got someone to save his spot, and he was back in line at the Honolulu International Center within two hours. A couple flew in from Boston to see the concert, explaining, very simply, “It’s the whole Mick Jagger thing.” “

The band had just found out that their planned Japan dates are not going to happen due to rejected visas based on past convictions for drug possession; the same issue Paul McCartney would run into two and a half years later. But while he allowed a Japanese TV station to record one of his Pacific Rim shows, the Stones would not: “Japanese television is here to interview Mick,” he says. “They wanted to film the concert. Absolutely not. We still intend to go back to Japan. Next? Probably Europe next summer. Celebrate the Common Market, you know.”

Read all about these three shows here: http://stoneslib3.homestead.com/files/hawaii73.html

The Rolling Stones article from the March 1, 1973 edition can be found here: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-rolling-stones-in-paradise-19730301

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