WHO Live in Munich

A copy of this European bootleg:

Who Is This

Who Is This b

Although “Mr. Rubber Dubber” traveled to Germany in the fall of 1970, recorded the Rolling Stones at the Essen Grugahalle and pressed the reels as the 2LP set EUROPEAN TOUR LIVE 1970 upon his return, I doubt he recorded this as well and stayed to have it pressed and distributed in Europe (but never in the US).

The Who Munich 72

who museum 72

As there were only 2400 seats, tickets were rather expensive (normal prices in the larger halls were 12,50 to 14 DM).

Notes from a remastering project of this LP done by “Prof. Stoned:”

THE WHO – Kongresssaal, Deutsches Museum, Munich – September 4 1972 [a fateful night, just hours before the attack on the Olympic Village]
“Who is This ?” Remastered From Original 1st LP Pressing

01. Can’t Explain
02. Summertime Blues
03. My Wife (tiny cut within)
04. Baba O’Riley
05. Behind Blue Eyes
06. Magic Bus
07. The Relay

Time: 47:06:56   Sound: B+/B

“It’s a good “stereo” audience source for this era. There’s a great balance between the instruments and voices and the energy of this show is very well captured. The recording starts out a little bassy, because the “mix” is like that, but improves quickly during the 2nd track.

Though not a sonic masterpiece, this new version is among the best sounding 1972 whoboots.
It’s comparable to the 21/08/72 KB Hallen, Copenhagen (DK) bootleg (a.k.a. Danish Treat).
This may sound a little “harsher”, but then again the vocals can be heard better on this one.

I’m aware that a completer source of this show available, compiled from 3 different sources.
This recording captures the best sounding source of those three in its entire, and is an upgrade to what’s out there until now. I leave it to others to splice the sources together again.

***About the LP ***

The original mastering of the LP is quite amaturistic [sic]. Inbetween songs, the volume was raised, and some weird panning was done. Probably to convince the listener that this was a “real stereo” live LP. The sleeve says the following about this: “world white super pop trade mark of peace quality hell and heaven STEREO records can be safely played on today’s monaural phonographs to the maximum sound capabilities of your equipment, yet will reveal full stereo listening”

There are two minor cuts in the original recording. One notably in “my wife”, resulting in a couple seconds missing. The other one is between “Summertime blues” and “My wife”, and abruptly cuts off the public response to the former song.

My copy visually strictly rates VG++. But it plays with more crackling than you might expect. This has probably to do with the quality of the pressing itself. […] I corrected the speed of the recording with +0.15 semitones. I tuned the music of “Can’t Explain” with great precision, comparing to an exact E (330, 660, 1320 Hz), bringing down the playing time from 47:31 to 47:06.” 

“I have the original bootleg too and The Professor’s version is really clearly superior to the album because he successfully eliminated the – occasionally – heavy surface noise that clearly does not derive from scratches (my copy is almost mint) but from an obviously sub-par pressing and/or mastering.

Just too bad that Rubber Dubber – or the bootlegger who may have used his label as a disguise – decided to cut down the show to a single album, as this is simply one of the best sounding shows of this tour.”

The Who Hamburg 72

The Who on stage in Hamburg, August 13th ’72. When Pete smashed his Gibson SG Standard at the end of the show, the photographer ended up getting hit in the face by one of the splintered parts.

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