The Pig’s Eye label: Phase 1: Copying early TAKRL releases. # 1 – The Beatles; # 2 – Jeff Beck; # 3 – David Bowie; # 4 – Blind Faith

Question posted January 2nd 2013: You did the original artwork for this Pig’s Eye release. Ken has stated that Herbie Howard was behind Pig’s Eye but others believe it was Dub, since you usually did covers for the classic TMOQ releases. So, whose label was Pig’s Eye?

William Stout: “It was Dub. Trademark of Quality was getting ripped off so much that Dub decided to retaliate with Pig’s Eye. Pig’s Eye issued the best recordings of the bootleggers who were stealing from Trademark..”


Beatles OSiJ 1966

Not an original Pig’s Eye release but a North Asian copy, designated by printed b&w covers and having L 5xx or JL 5xx printed in small writing hence the designation as ‘JL label’.

I wonder how Holy Grail Records and Dr. Uriah Lucas felt about seeing their labels used in this manner. This label exists in no less than 3 different colors: light pink, pink and brown.

Holy Grail dark label

More variations:

Beatles OSiJ 2

Beatles 1 label small

Beatles OSiJ 3

Beatles 1 label big

Beatles OSiJ 4

Jeff Beck Gr

Jeff Beck Gr disc

Bowie Dollars in Drag

Blind Faith Pigs Eye copy

  1. Jimmy said:

    you state here that the “holy Grail Records” label was released in 3 colours, light pink, pink, and brown.

    i recently aqquired a bootleg of “Led Zeppelin Live On Blueberry Hill” on the Holy Grail Records Label,
    the label of record NO.1 is pink,
    but the label of record NO.2 is a white coloured label,

    the whole record is different than any other release of this bootleg,

    can you please help my get more information on this ?

    if it helps i can send you some pictures of the sleeve and the records,

    • Hi Jimmy, is the label of record # 2 a blank white label or a white Holy Grail one?

      • Jimmy said:

        It’s a white holy grail label.

  2. Jimmy said:

    But Does Anybody have more information on this bootleg/label/record/or just any info on this ?

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