Phonygraf 1390: seals and crofts ‘LIVE AND ABOUT TIME’

From the only John Denver vinyl bootleg to the only Seals and Crofts vinyl bootleg ever produced:

Seals and Crofts LAAT

Side 1: Humming Bird/ Down The Road/ Earth/ Summer Breeze/ 8th January/ Arkansas Traveler
Side 2: Sally Johnson/ Year Sunday/ Robin/ Baby Won’t You Go On Home

Hot Wacks wrote: “R: ‘Gs’  S: ’73 FM  C: Song order wrong on cover [where it says SIDE 2 – YEAR SUNDAY 5:00   SQUARE DANCIN 5:00   8th JANUARY 5:00; SIDE 2    DOWN THE ROAD 3:00  SUMMER BREEZE 4:00   ROBIN 5:00   HYMING [SIC] BIRD 5:00   EARTH 3:00   SALLY JOHNSON 3:00] and for the corrected version:  R: ‘Exs’  C: 100 numbered copies with color xerox insert which gives the correct song order.” Number # 88 is shown here:

Seals and Crofts LAAT col insert 1

Seals and Crofts LAAT col insert 2

I wonder what “FIRST IN A NEW SERIES” was referring to.

The source of this recording is harder to pin down. This is not the KBFH recording from Carnegie Hall from November 23rd 1973, which had: 1 Summer Breeze 4:16; 2 Not To Be Found 3:07
3 We May Never Pass This Way Again 4:29; 4 Diamond Girl 4:49; 5 Unborn Child 4:17
6 High On A Mountain 6:09; 7 The Gate 6:10; 8 Standin’ On A Mountaintop 3:24; 9 Baha’i monologue 1:58; 10 Hummingbird 5:13; 11 Foot Stompin’, Hand Clappin’, Hog Callin’ … 7:24; 12 Summer Breeze (Reprise outro) 0:26

It also does not appear to originate from an ‘ABC In Concert’ TV show that was simulcast over the radio for the various national markets (original broadcast date: 1972-11-24): 01. [3:38] Summer Breeze; 02. [4:59] Hummingbird; 03. [4:38] Hog Calling Music

Not Warner Bros Studios Live 1973: 1. Intro/Summer Breeze ; 2. Eighth Of January (instrumental)
3. Hummingbird; 4. I Threw My Drink Across The Law (Martin Mull); 5. Dueling Tubas (Martin Mull); 6. Hummingbird (show closer)

And not Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert 1973 (November 16, 1973) either: 1. We May Never Pass This Way (Again); 2. audience; 3. Summer Breeze; 4. Standin’ On The Mountain Top; 5. Hummingbird; 6. Ruby Jean And Bille Lee; 7. Paper Airplanes; 8. Diamond Girl; 9. Unborn Child; 10. talk; 11. instrumental

From the faq page at “Then there is the so-called Peace Concert, circa early 1972 at an unknown location. This bootleg is a copy of the only 70’s vinyl bootleg of S&C, which features the silhouette of a child holding a flower on the cover.

  1. Doinker said:

    Look for this to be posted on Dime shortly. I just received a mint copy. Boy, were they wrong over at Hot Wacks on the sound quality. It’s really great.

    • You can see that they list the second entry in HW for the updated “100 numbered copies” version as ‘Exs’. As this came from an identical pressing plate the discrepancy in rating to their original entry makes no sense (but hey, you find this on as well).

      I own this title and just got it back from my record cleaning place. A rather lo-fi early 70’s radio broadcast with plenty of hiss. I played the Loggins & Messina “Your Momma Don’t Dance” on the red R.S. label right after and what a difference that was.

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