As Beatles expert John Winn wrote: “”False advertising” would be a good term to describe the EMI OUTTAKES album, which did begin with the only available EMI outtake at the time, “What’s The New Mary Jane” (making its stereo debut!), but quickly ran out of steam with common alternate mixes and gave up all together on side B (a rehash of the “Around The Beatles” TV show).”

Side 1: What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party (stereo edit of unreleased 45 mix) / Penny Lane (promo version with trumpet ending) / Blue Jay Way (mono mix) / All My Loving (“original uncut version” HW describes it as “only stereo version of this song” but quality only as good stereo) / Sie Liebt Dich (taken from 45)

Side 2: Twist and Shout / Roll Over Beethoven / I Wanna Be Your Man / Long Tall Sally / Medley: Please Please Me-From Me To You-She Loves You-I Want To Hold Your Hand / Can’t Buy Me Love

There are two commonly found cover variations for this album. 1. with Phonygraf sign (so was Ken Phonygraf as well?):

Beatles EMI OT Phony

2. Ken’s version # 1374 (see bottom left) – just without the signatures:

Beatles EMI Outakes signed Spindizzle

The album is most common with the blank white or yellow labels known from the TAKRL releases.



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