HHCER 114: ELTON JOHN ‘COUNTRY COMFORT’ :Stein O Wisky Platers 1369

Listed in Hotwacks as a Phonygraf release and the comment: “Also available on Stein O Wisky Platers (1369)”. This must have been one of the earliest Elton John bootlegs in 1971 together with the influential radiochord from the New York FM broadcast and Live At The Anaheim Convention Center by Rubber Dubber.

Looking at the original on Stein O Wisky Platers (which I believe is the first one shown here),  I would not be surprised if Dub had recorded this show at San Bernardino’s Swing Auditorium that December 5th 1970 (often listed as Santa Monica on November 15th) and released this with a little help from Ken. The quality did turn out to be pretty good. It should be noted that during ‘Get Back’, EJ refers to the location as “LA”.

John E Country Comfort stamp

John Elton CC SoW P

John E Country Comfort 2

An unlisted version on TMOQ:

John Elton CC 5


wolfgangsvault has a recording from November 12th:


and November 26th from Cleveland:



Files shared on a torrent site:

Elton John
“Country Comfort”
Vinyl Bootleg
1970 (possibly Santa Monica, CA 1970-11-15)
Very Good Audience or SBD
I recently purchased this vinyl bootleg, and thought I would share it here. If my research is correct, the “Country Comfort” bootleg is from the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica, CA. The date commonly associated with this show is November 15, 1970, but that is not necessarily correct (per the “Cornflakes and Classics” website) as it has been confirmed he actually played the Fillmore West that night.

The Band:
Elton John- Piano/vocals
Dee Murray- Bass/vocals
Nigel Olsson- Drums/vocals

The Songs:

Your Song 3:53
Take Me To The Pilot 6:42
Country Comfort 5:02
Sixty Years On 6:58
Border Song 3:36
Honky Tonk Woman 4:31
Burn Down The Mission-Get Back-Give Peace A Chance-Shotgun 19:00


Elton John
Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA Nov 15 1970

disc one
I Need You to Turn To
Your Song
(intro & tech problems)
Bad Side of the Moon
Country Comfort
Sixty Years On
Border Song
Can I Put You On
Indian Summer

disc two
Honky Tonk Woman (Jagger / Richards)
Burn Down The Mission
Medley: My Baby Left Me (A. Crudup) / Get Back (Lennon / McCartney)
Take Me to the Pilot
Medley: Give Peace a Chance (Lennon)

? > reel > HD > cdr > eac > wav > shn

I received this reel in trade in the early 70s, and had friends convert it to
CDR a few years back. No other info is known. This may well be a 1st
generation copy from master, but I have no way of verifying this. Quality isn’t
superb […] but it is listenable and a very enjoyable show […].

  1. Elton John’s live Country Comforts bootleg was actually recorded at his first big concert in the USA at Landis Auditorium, Riverside, California. I know because I promoted the gig in my guise as the entertainment director at Riverside City College around October 1970.
    I let a group of Vietnam veterans who were all in wheel chairs record the concert. They hid the tape recorder in their wheelchair. It was released by my agent William Trout a paraplegic who could only move his mouth. The money went to the vets, my only stipulation was to get a copy of the album. You can actually hear my voice at the end of the concert announcing Elton John

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