HHCER 104: THE ROLLING STONES Cutty Shark or Eat ’em Alive!! / ANGIE :CBM 1014

Rolling Stones CuttyShark

rollingstonesnet.com writes: “This LP is a direct copy of the [HHCER] disc “Cutty Shark or Eat ’em Alive!!”  Matrix: RS 1014-A/B.” I am not convinced it was not actually the other way around, just like with the Beatles’ Supertracks release.

Rolling Stones Angie

Side 1: Around ten versions of the evolving ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ from the “Sympathy for the Devil” movie by Jean-Luc Godard; June, 1968 session at Olympic Sound, London.

Side 2: Angie / Silver Train / Dancing With Mr. D / Angie – “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert” TV Show, September, 1973

Rated as “Vgm” for side 1 and “Exm” for side 2.


Released in 1974 as dated by the material on side 2 and the Tour T-Shirt shown in the cover photo.

The early 1980’s reissue on the Smoking Pig label lost an ‘H’ in the title:

Rolling Stones CSoETA re


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