HHCER 102: THE BEATLES supertracks / supertracks 2 :CBM 1018 / bacTrax sessions :King Kong WEC-3922 + background of the term “Highway Hi-Fi”

The otherwise brilliant website rollingstonesnet states when discussing the vinyl boot Angie on the CBM label: “This LP is a direct copy of the TMoQ disc “Cutty Shark or Eat ’em Alive!!” […] Matrix: RS 1014-A/B. There is no TMoQ logo on the insert just a reference to HHCER 104, which is the moniker for the “Highway Hi Fi” label. Of course there was no such thing…”.

Well, there was and there wasn’t. For Ken, creating different sub labels was a giant smoke and mirror operation aimed at making the FBI believe that there were a number of outfits cranking out these bootlegs… and it worked! Anyway, here are all the Highway Hi Fi releases in order, an early side label Ken started in late 1973.

Beatles Supertracks

Side 1: Paperback Writer; Rain (w. introduction, soundtrack of the promo videos recorded for the 1966 Ed Sullivan Show shown June 5 ’66)/ Peace Of Mind (Outfake)/ Let It Be (“take 37” – actually take 27 and taken from the Let It Be soundtrack; recorded January 31 ’69)/ Hey Jude (from UK program ‘Experiment In Television: Music!’ recorded July 30 ’68)

Side 2: Get Back (“Let It Be” soundtrack)/ I Should Have Known Better; If I Fell; And I Love Her; Tell Me Why (“A Hard Day’s Night” soundtrack)/ I Should Have Known Better (“live” – it ws never performed live outside of the filming for AHDN)

Quality rated between poor and good mono

Matrix number: Scratched out: TB 1018-A/B, replaced with 102-A/B. Referred to as “Supertracks 2” in Hot Wacks. In fact, that was the name of the original 1973 release on the Contra Band label and with that very same matrix number:

beatles Supertracks 2  II

Extra copies of the TB-1018 A/B discs were also sold in the printed cover produced for the title Bye Bye Bye Super Tracks 1 with a sticker covering the former title:

Beatles supertracks 2 III

Compare this with the non-stickered cover (with the original lettering still faintly visible underneath the sticker above):

Beatles bbb super tracks 1b

Beatles bbb super tracks 2

Beatles bbb super tracks b


Beatles Supertrax one KK

King Kong recycling old covers. Looks pretty bad, doesn’t it?

Early 1980’s repressing with a wrap around insert and smoking pig labels:

Beatles Supertracks

Beatles Supertracks b

and with a color cover (still with the TB-1018 matrix):

Beatles Supertracks color

In 1975, this master was re-pressed by CBM’s repackaging sister label King Kong, as part of the bacTrax Sessions double album, still using the same matrix number:

Beatles bactrax sessions detail

In 1976, the matrix number changed to WEC-3923 when CBM re-issued this material yet again as Supertracks 2 (and 3922 for Supertracks 1, the first LP in the above package).



The name “Highway Hi Fi” does have a deeper historical connection and it relates to something that is still very much practiced today: Wanting to enjoy music while being on the move.

Highway Hi Fi

“… the automobile record player, first introduced by Chrysler in 1956, contained a number of features that would keep the music going even when there were bumps in the road. […] The Highway Hi-Fi, as it was called by Chrysler, was quite popular in its time…”   http://gajitz.com/road-tunes-weird-vintage-1950s-in-car-record-players/


Highway Hi Fi.jpg lbl

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