TKRWM 1985-98: The Very Best of The BEATLES’ RAREST Numbers 1 – 7

1976 series of repackaged Beatles titles.

TAKRL 1985: Number One – A copy of sides 3 & 4 of the 1975 TAKRL release Hahst Az Sön

TAKRL 1986: Number Two – Claims to contain live tracks from Shea Stadium in 1964 [impossible as they only played there in ’65 & ’66], Hollywood Bowl and Washington DC, which looks correct for the last two tracks on side 2. ‘Love me do’ and ‘Please please me’ on side 1 are attributed to the Hollywood Bowl, which is impossible as they were not on the set list anymore after 1963. The Shea tracks are likely from the Vancouver or Philadelphia concert recordings.

Beatles VBotBRarest 2


TAKRL 1986: Number Three

Side 1: Tracks 1 – 7 and last three tracks on side 2 are from Tokyo 1966, falsely advertized as “Their Last One Anywhere” and track 8 from the Hollywood Bowl in 1964. Track 9 is a copy of the officially released song.                                 

Side 2: Tracks 1 – 3 are from their BBC radio program “Pop Go The Beatles” for which the Beatles had recorded a new version for each broadcast. The “Candlestick Park, San Francisco 1964” are from who knows where as the Beatles played Candlestick Park in 1966 only, coincidentally that had really been “Their Last One Anywhere” then but none of these three songs were part of the setlist.

Beatles VBotBRarest 3


TAKRL 1988: Number Four

Side 1: Nowhere Man (listed as “Japan ’66” and probably correct)/ No Pakistanis (“’69 studio” – Get Back sessions)/ What A Shame Mary Jane Had A Pain At The Party (“’69 outtake” – correct date is August 1968)/ All My Loving (“Shea 1964” – live ’64)/ The Walk; Teddy Boy (“Martin demos for Let It Be” – lifted from bootlegs containing the first informal Glyn Johns mix of the Get Back sessions)/ Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (’69 studio – Get Back sessions)/ Besame Mucho (“BBC ’65” – likely a copy of the Deccagone 45 from their January 1 1962 Audition at Decca, which had just come out in October of ’76)

Side 2: You Really Got  A Hold On Me / Do You want To Know A Secret (both BBC ’63)/ Medley: Love Me Do; Please Please Me; From Me To You; She Loves You; I Want To Hold Your Hand (“Germany ’64” – medley recorded specifically in a studio for the “Around The Beatles”TV show that the Beatles then mimed to with the added screams of the live audience, April 1964)/ White Power (Get Back sessions ’69)/ You Can’t Do That (“Lennon ’65” – real source unknown at this time)/ A Hard Day’s Night (“Shea ’64” – Live ’64 but not Shea)

Beatles VBotBRarest 4


TAKRL 1989: Number Five

Side 1: Day Tripper (Tokyo ’66)/ Two Of Us; Maggie Mae (Get Back sessions)/ Twist and Shout; You Can’t Do That; All My Loving (Hollywood Bowl, August 23 1964)/ Dig It; When It Gets To Suzy Parker Everybody Gets Well Done (more Get back sessions – the 2nd track, an unreleased Beatles improvisation about the US model, is commonly just referred to as ‘Suzy Parker’)

Side 2: Till There Was You; I want To Hold Your Hand; This Boy; All My loving; Yesterday; Nowhere Man; I Feel Fine; Can’t Buy Me Love (unknown live tracks, 5&6 look like Tokyo ’66 again)

Beatles VBotBRarest 5


TAKRL 1995: Number Six

See ZAP 7866 Next To Last Recording Session


TAKRL 1998: Number Seven

See ZAP 7869 Liverpool Flash


It’s nice to be able to put the TKRWM label to rest with this post as this last post was a bit of a chore.

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