Deep Purple Prisoners of Rock

Side A:             Mandrake Root                                                                                                                         Side B:             Wring That Neck                                                                                                                      Side C:             Black Night                                                                                                                               Side D:             Paint It Black

When Deep Purple took the stage at the rock festival in Aachen, Germany on July 10 1970 an enterprising individual(s) had managed to run an extra line into the soundboard and a recorder was running out of sight. The resulting recording became the first DP bootleg: 

Deep Purple Space

“Some information about the bootleg origin:
The first pressing was titled simply “Space” and was available in late 1970, either as a double (two discs in a single cover) or as two single discs. “Mandrake Root” was split over two sides of the second disc. The second pressing was called “H-Bomb”, which a more professionally produced single album which lacked “Mandrake Root” and also had slight edits to the other songs. “Kustom Records” (ASC 001) was the (Bootleg-) Label which distributed the disc across Europe and UK in early 1971.”

From what I have gathered so far, Kustom Records seems to have been a US bootleg label, so the above comment is perhaps a little exaggerated.

DeepPurple H Bomb K

Deep Purple H Bomb

Meanwhile in the US, the decent quality – for the time – made it an easy target for copying:                    Deep Purple HB Dittolini

Deep Purple SZ CBM ss

Deep Purple Sonic Zoom 1 Deep Purple Sonic Zoom 2


Contraband advertized this as “Live In Chicago” – but that’s OK as some DP websites still list the source as being a Swedish concert.

Deep Purple Sonic Zoom 3                                                Deep Purple Sonic Zoom lbl


And before “Prisoners of Rock”, Ken apparently had already copied this single album containing the Aachen recording before:

Deep Purple Darker Than Blue

Originally on Purple Records:

Deep Purple Darker TB P lbl

Deep Purple Darker Than Blue


Deep Purple SZ TLB

A Vicki Vinyl produced version with a This Little Bird label on one side and an Idle Mind logo label on the other.


Deep Purple LFEurope

This sealed copy sold for a remarkable $131.50 in November of 2013

Deep Purple LFEurope detail

Deep Purple LFEurope lbl

Found with 70’s style GLC labels.


The band officially released this title, mastered from a bootleg source, in 2001 as Space Vol. 1 & 2 – on the Sonic Zoom label no less, so CBM got a nod as well – and again in 2006 as Live in Aachen with a cover showing all the bootleg LP’s this appeared on earlier.


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