TKRWM 1815: JEFF BECK alive and kicking

Jeff Beck Alive & Kicking

In 1973 Epic Japan decided to record some of the band’s Japan dates in May of that year with the goal of releasing a Japan only live album that came out on October 21 1973 as Beck, Bogert & Appice Live (ECPJ-11-12).

“After another tour break, the band resumed their tour of US, starting at the Seattle Centre Arena on May 26 [sic, April 26 is correct] and finishing at the Honolulu International centre Hawaii on May 8, and they flew onto a Japanese tour which started at Nippon Budokan centre on May 14 and ended five days later on May 19, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka.

“Recorded on May 18th & 19th, 1973 at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka. Original Issue has “ECPJ” Catalog Numbers and GREEN Obi. Includes 10″x10″ 4-page Black and White Booklet, with Lyrics in Japanese and English.”

A1         Superstition     5:12     
A2         Lose Myself With You     10:35     
A3         Jeff’s Boogie     3:25     
B1         Going Down     3:25     
B2         Boogie     4:53     
B3         Morning Dew     13:52     
C1         Sweet Sweet Surrender     4:30     
C2         Livin’ Alone     6:10     
C3         I’m So Proud     5:42     
C4         Lady     6:07     
D1         Black Cat Moan     9:18     
D2         Why Should I Care     7:18     
D3         Plynth/Shotgun (Medley)     5:40

BBA Live Japan inner

Ken simply copied sides 1 & 3 of this import album.

  1. John said:

    strange…om lots of inserts from Takrl, on the inserts underneath the shrink..on the left side of
    some inserts is 2 small parts of..which i supposed were, the left overs from plastic tape.
    why is that? i do have some of that lp’s, and it looks to me that the very first editions of the inserts were glued with tape
    on a underground to let them on its place..than print the inserts..
    but strange on most of the inserts they wil not be found…even on copy’s which have that plastic tape.
    anybody knows?

    • Karl said:

      I have seen mayn TAKRL LPs (but can’t remember other labels) with two tape marks on the left side on the inserts. I assume it has to do with fixing the inserts while putting the albums into shrinkwrap.

      • I believe you are 100% correct. They wanted to prevent the insert from slipping to the bottom. Unfortunately, tape turns dark after some years and blemishes the paper but nobody thought about that back then.

  2. I have an collector’s original Jeff Beck – “Alive and Kicking” vinyl album with plain white cardboard cover and NO markings whatsoever on either side of the vinyl record. (apart from 2 small V arrows on one side only). Only hand written “artist and title” details on record sleeve. Album in mint original condition and likely from first original press …. maybe for air play promotion ?????? Anyone interested in purchasing email me on gg@ Garry Glaskin.

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