TKRWM 1811: ROD STEWART ‘afterhours’

Stewart R afterhours

After some confusion, this has been identified as the (partial) KBFH broadcast from San Bernardino’s Swing Auditorium on 7 March 1975:

Original set list:

  1. 1 Take A Look At The Guy 04:57
  2. 2 (I Know) I’m Losing You 07:34 x
  3. 3 Bring It On Home To Me 04:40 x
  4. 4 Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller 05:38 x
  5. 5 I’d Rather Go Blind 06:53
  6. 6 Too Bad / Every Picture Tells A Story 07:46 x
  7. 7 Angel 04:17
  8. 8 Medley: Stay With Me / Gasoline Alley 12:53 x
  9. 9 I Can Feel The Fire 05:37
  10. 10 Medley: You Wear It Well / Maggie May 09:21 x
  11. Twisting The Night Away 08:59 x


  1. Andrew Molloy said:

    This show is actually from San Bernadino, 7/3/75, is it not? There are several cd releases now with the full show and there is also a complete audience source.

  2. Andrew Molloy said:

    Yeah, checked that, it’s Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino March 7, ’75, and is a King Biscuit show. Great show, too. Miscredited to Detroit on the 80’s Swingin’ Pig vinyl I have.

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