WINGS In Concert In Copenhagen / GREAT DANE :TMOQ 8205-6 / the copenhagen concert :TKRWM 2807

I believe this release on the ANTI-GRAVITY label (matrix # 1401) came first (and it was also the most well executed presentation-wise – it had a gatefold sleeve):

Wings In Concert In Copenhagen

and came on multi-colored vinyl:

Wings ICiCopenhagen mcv

Different issue with TMOQ sign on cover but still on mcv:

Wings ICiCopenhagen 2

With every copy/reissue, the album lost a bit in terms of appearance (and perhaps also in sound quality).

Wings Copenhagen half

Wings Copenhagen detail


Dub also released his own ‘true TMoQ’ version called Great Dane with original pig labels:

Wings Great Dane

This is one of William Stout’s personal favorite out of the 43 bootleg cover designs he did. The others are The Rolling Stones, “Winter Tour 1973 (All Meat Music),” The Rolling Stones, “Bright Lights, Big City,” The Rolling Stones, “Welcome to New York,” The Who, “Who’s Zoo,” The Yardbirds – “More Golden Eggs and ” The Who, “Tales From The Who”.

“One pretender to the bootlegger’s throne was a new incarnation of Trade Mark of Quality. In 1976 some six albums, two of them doubles, were released in The TMQ Deluxe 1976 Series. If the quality of these releases – uniformly mediocre – belied the illustrious name, these new TMQs were indeed the genuine article. Dub had decided to dip his fingers into the mire again and, for the two final releases, even brought William Stout out of retirement to produce a lovely Kellogg’s Corn Flakes pastiche for a Jeff beck album. Beckfast (an idea later reused on Michigan Nuggets), as well as a graphic based around the HMV dog for Paul McCartney’s Great Dane. But Dub’s day was done and these releases marked a curious epilogue to his rock bootleg activities, not the flowering of a ‘new’ Frankenstein TMQ. Dub no longer had the access to source material that had given TMQ its edge. TMQ3 was a half-hearted endeavour at the best, and the cowboys (and cowgirls) had already moved in.” [Bootleg!, Heylin, pp, 112-13]

And finally Ken’s version:

Wings Copenhagen Concert

From the original set list:

Venus and Mars
Rock Show
Let Me Roll It
Spirits of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Maybe I’m Amazed
Call Me Back Again
Lady Madonna
The Long and Winding Road
Live and Let Die
Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)
Richard Cory
I’ve Just Seen a Face
You Gave Me the Answer
Magneto and Titanium Man
My Love
Let ‘Em In
Silly Love Songs                                                                                                                                          Beware My Love
Letting Go                                                                                                                                                        Listen to What the Man Said
Band on the Run
Hi, Hi, Hi

edited the show into:

Side 1: Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ Call Me Back Again
Side 2: Lady Madonna/ The Long And Winding Road/ Picasso’s Last Words/ Richard Cory/ Bluebird/ I’ve Just Seen A Face/ Blackbird
Side 3: Yesterday/ You Gave Me The Answer/ Live And Let Die/ My Love/ Silly Love Songs/ Beware My Love
Side 4: Letting Go/ Magneto And Titanium Man/ Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi/ Sollie

by cutting ‘Spirits of Ancient Egypt’ and ‘Medicine Jar’, moving ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Magneto And Titanium Man’ and further dropping ‘Listen To What The Man Said’ and ‘Let ‘Em In’.


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