TKRWM 1805/6/7: WINGS liquid paper / ride a killer bird / flashbomb / Wings From The Wings :IMP 1117-9 /TKRWM 3806

Wings liquid paper

Source for all three LPs: LA / Inglewood Forum, June 23 1976 – last night of Wing’s U.S. Tour, except + from June 22nd, according to “Eight Arms To Hold You”

Side 1: Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Spirits Of Ancient Egypt/ Medicine Jar
Side 2: Maybe I’m Amazed/ Call Me Back Again+/ Lady Madonna/ The Long And Winding Road

Wings ride a killer bird

Side 1: Live And Let Die/ Picasso’s Last Words/ Richard Corey/ Bluebird/ I’ve Just Seen A Face/ Blackbird/ Yesterday
Side 2: You Gave Me The Answer/ Magnito And Titanium Man/ Go Now/ My Love

Wings flashbomb

Side 1: Listen To What The Man Said/ Let Him In/ Time To Hide/ Silly Love Songs/ Beware My Love+
Side 2: Letting Go/ Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi/ Soily

These three single LPs consisted of a repressing of Vicky Vinyl’s Idle Mind Productions triple box set:

WFtWings cover

The source tape was made by famous LA area taper Mike Millard, whose Rolling Stones July 1975 recordings had already been used for IMPs releases number 2-4: 1975 Tour Of The Americas I, II, III

The multi-track tapes were rolling as well and “Richard Cory”, “I’ve Just Seen A Face”, “You Gave Me The Answer”, “Go Now” and “Let ‘Em In” from this night’s performance were included on the officially released triple album – it’s release possibly motivated by the number of bootlegs that appeared following the tour.

The box set came out in 4 different versions: 1. On red, white & blue vinyl and on IMP labels (with or without sticker on cover):

WFtWings 1st edition

2. Still on red, white & blue vinyl but with different labels.

3. Red insert and different vinyl colors, also on black vinyl (both 2nd editions):

WFtWings 2nd ed

WFtWings black

4. TKRWM 3806 re-issue:

WFtWings tan


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