ZAP 7889: BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS – Jah Joys And Rainbow

A1         Slave Driver     4:23     
A2         Trenchtown Rock     5:56     
A3         Concrete Jungle     6:02     
A4         Midnight Ravers     6:36     
B1         Talkin’ Blues    6:06     
B2         Rebel Music     7:32     
B3         I Shot The Sheriff   12:22    

Recorded live, June 10th 1975 on the second night of an engagement at the Quiet Knight Club, Chicago, Illinois, USA by 93 XRT Radio for the “Budweiser Sunday Night Concert”. Bootlegs of this show have been released under different titles such as “Live In Chicago”; “Downtown Trenchtown”; and “The Last Club Tour ’75”. It has also been aired on various radio stations.
Some versions conclude with “Natty Dread” and it is possible that further tracks were performed on the night.

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  1. Erik T said:

    I have a cdr of this with a different track order, great sound quality. was this a regular broadcast series in Chicago? Black music was generally ignored by bootleggers outside the old school jazz and blues scene. Bob Marley has since become one of those people obsessively collected, I was in to it myself for a while. Anyhow, I have a Jimmy Cliff tape(!) from this venue in 1975, makes me wonder if there were regular broadcasts of reggae and other styles of music from this venue in the seventies..? I post this comment to ask for any information or recollections about the venue or the broadcast, especially if this was a series. There was a second night at this venue, not broadcast I guess. An early audience-shot video is Bob’s 1979 Chicago show, it surfaced in the 90s, my copy is on VHS, it’s probably on youtube, but the initiative required to shoot video from the stands with a big clunky camera when new beta tapes were 30$ and 30$ meant something… Respect to the pioneers of this silly obsession.

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