ZAP 7886: THE ROLLING STONES – Renny’s Album

Cover says: “RECORDED THROUGH THE YEARS ALONG THE SILVER LINED RAILS OF THE HIAWATHA EXPRESS.” [Hidden advertizing for the upcoming Led Zeppelin title, I guess]

A1         I Am Waiting
A2         Under My Thumb
A3         Paint It Black                 A 1-3: Ready Steady Go 1966
A4         Love In Vain
A5         Honky Tonk Woman    A 4, 5: Ed Sullivan Show, November 23 ’69
A6         Dead Flowers
A7         Stray Cat Blues            A 6,7: Roundhouse, London, March 14 ’71
B1         You Can’t Always Get What You Want
B2         All Down The Line      B 1, 2: Madison Square Garden, NY, July 26 ’72
B3         Carol
B4         I’m Free
B5         Live With Me                B 3-5: Oakland Coliseum, November 9 ’69

“Vgm”, except B1,2: “Exs”


[So, who’s Renny then?]

  1. Emma said:

    I have this with the yellow disk label simply printed side 1 side 2 in mint condition but how can i find out what it is worth?

  2. is the best source for past eBay results for all vinyl records. It’s no guarantee though that the same price level can be achieved when you decide to put it up for auction (years later). Most boots are simply not worth that much.

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