ZAP 7885: Archipelago / SIN CITY SOCIAL : K&S 001

Led Zep Archipelago 2

A “re-issue” of this title according to HOTWACKS :

It should be noted that a copy of this K&S album sold for $200+ on eBay just a few weeks before this post. While some bootleg LP’s you can barely give away, others go for big money – but not even consistently.

“Inevitably. Hot Wacks was not the product of some dispassionate observer but someone who had been getting his own hands dirty. Kurt Glemser was already dipping into the mire at the time of Hot Wacks IV. K (as in Kurt) & S Records’ first release, a collection of live Led Zeppelin recordings, had appeared at the beginning of 1976. In the grand tradition of copycat bootleggers, Sin City Social was a shoddy mix’n’match drawn exclusively from TMQs Bonzo’s Birthday Party, Three Days After and Blueberry Hill.” [Heylin, Bootleg, p. 131]

The biggest question for me is, why would you include an Alice Cooper studio recording on a Led Zeppelin bootleg…

  1. John said:

    the same as the studio version of Ballroom Blitz from Sweet on Queen’s legendary Sheetkeeckers….( just for sweetening up side two ??)Some ununderstandable moves from the leggers..

  2. Andrew said:

    At the time that Alice Cooper song was somewhat rare as it had only been released on an NME flexidisc. Still a strange move but at least it wasn’t just a common commercial release like Ballroom Blitz. I actually bought Archipelago, through Pied Piper by mail order, when I was 12, in ’77, because I wanted that Alice tune. Wasn’t really even into Zeppelin yet. It was the third or fourth boot I bought after several Elton John titles.

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