ZAP 7883: BOB DYLAN – Great White Wonder Revisited / BEST OF GREAT WHITE WONDER : GWW 117/ TMOQ 71034 / TMOQ 73008

The album seems to be quite rare as it cannot even be found in the popsike vinyl records auction database.

Side 1
Worried blues
Tomorrow is a long time
New Orleans rag
Who killed Davy Moore?
Talkin’ John Birch Society blues
Mixed up confusion
Corrina Corrina
Talkin’  bear mountain massacre picnic blues

Side 2
That’s all Right Mama
I’ll keep it with mine
Sitting on a barbed wire fence
She belongs to me
If you gotta go, go now
Love-zero/no limit

But back to the beginning. In 1972. Dub decided to create a “Best of GWW” album culled from tracks on the the albums Stealin’, John Birch, While the establishment burns, Talkin’ bear mountain and Seems like a freeze out. The matrix number was GWW 117 A/B and the later designation 71034.

Square labels version – I believe only the GWW 117 versions have these:

Around 1974, Ken copied this album for the first time – shown here below – and again in 1977, resulting in the ZAP title pictured first at the beginning of this post.


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