A re-issue of:

in the usual Wizardo splash colored vinyl variations:

Track list:

A1     Patti Smith –     Real Good Time Together  – (Velvet Underground)
A2     Patti Smith –     RAP / Giuseppe Verdi
A3     John Cale –     This Heart Of Mine – (John Cale)
A4     Patti Smith –     Strained On Strange
A5     Patti Smith –     Free Money
B1     Patti Smith –     Pale Blue Eyes – (Velvet Underground)
B2     Patti Smith –     Louie Louie
B3     Patti Smith –     Smooth Stone Beyond
B4     Patti Smith –     Gloria
B5     Patti Smith –     My Generation – (The Who)

From a P. Smith bootleg site:

Side 1: “Real Good Time Together”, “G. Verdi”, “I Keep A Close Watch” “Ain’t It Strange”, “Free Money”      Side 2: “Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie”, “Birdland”, “Gloria”, “My Generation”

Sound quality is fair, performance is excellent. Some (if not all) were released on multicolored vinyl. Also released as Hard Nipples (ZAP 7882)

COMMENTS: Even though it’s not the greatest sound quality, it’s listenable and it is a great show, John Cale makes an appearance.

Unfortunately, neither label told us where & when this was recorded and 35+ years later, we still do not know and the following is the closest we will ever get to the original source:

“This bootleg presents a live Patti Smith performance from late 1975/early 1976 in which she appears with John Cale, who produced her just-released debut album, Horses. Cale gets a solo spot on “I Keep a Close Watch,” awhile Smith intersperses songs from Horses (and “Ain’t It Strange” from the upcoming Radio Ethiopia) with such concert covers as the Velvet Underground’s “We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together” and “Pale Blue Eyes” and the Who’s “My Generation,” as well as spicing up the proceedings with her usual commentary on everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Giuseppe Verdi. Especially interesting is a version of “Birdland” that makes the song’s references to Wilhelm Reich explicit. Unfortunately, the sound quality on what must be an audience tape is low. (Also released under the title Turn It Up.) ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide”

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  1. Erik T said:

    Just got this today for 5 bucks at a record show… No love for Patti Smith these days among the record heads I guess… Anyhow, my copy has the 300 series Wizardo label and is, unfortunately, on black vinyl. I’ m not a big Patti Smith fan, but I like some Cale and love the Velvets… I keep waiting for them to continue “Walk The Line” but they’re not getting past “I Keep a close watch on this heart of mine”(!)
    By the way the record show was packed, and I was surprised to see people buying titles that can often be found in dollar bins and even thrift shops, stuff like Meatloaf or Tom Petty records, real common stuff… There were very few boots this time.

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