ZAP 7870: THE BEATLES Munich At Least / live in europe & us tvcasts :CBM 3571 / LIVE in GERMANY Marc EP

The cover shows them on stage at Chicago’s Universal Amphitheater at the start of their last ever tour on August 11, 1966.

The Munich Zirkus Krone recording from June 24, 1966 [Hot Wacks mis-identifies the source as the Hamburg show] had first been released on this early Contraband LP in 1972. As the material was not broadcast on German TV between July 5 1966 and August 1983, someone must have held on to their off-air recording for all these years.

Beatles LiEur list

Supposedly, this was the first version of the insert with this type of track list (and no CBM number) perhaps added via a stamp.


Beatles LiEur lbl

The specific title label would also indicate a first pressing.


Beatles CBM 3571 detail

Side 2 has Shindig 1964 and The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1968 performances.

In Japan, the MARC label dedicated an EP to the material:

Some background info on the available video material. German TV channel ZDF paid 40,000 DM for the broadcasting rights and produced a 43 minute b&w feature, shot with four cameras. Although the above 15 minutes Beatles segment looks as if it came from the same performance, this is not the case. Baby’s In Black, I Feel Fine and Yesterday are from the afternoon show and the rest from the evening show. How can you tell? The tall curved broadcasting microphone hanging over Ringo’s kit (and giving us that cymbal saturated sound ) is to his right during the evening show and to the left during the afternoon. Also the Vox organ on John’s side had been moved further away to the edge of the stage for the evening show. Overall, the afternoon show has better sound. I’m Down has been edited down by removing a verse. Overall, out of 60 minutes or a bit less (both shows) just 15 minutes survived the cutting room. [I interned at ZDF in 1989, talk about a missed opportunity.]

  1. Joe Randazzo said:

    There is also a version of 3571 that uses a recycled cover (Bobby King Presents… not Raffie Quinones).

    • Really? For a non-CBM title? I’d love to see a picture of this as this would be a first.

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