ZAP 7867: LED ZEPPELIN ‘On Stage In Europe 1975’ / ‘EARLS COURT’ :LZL 19775 + I.M.P. 1107 complaints: “In the 1970s, carelessness wasn’t uncommon among bootleg labels, some of which infuriated collectors by providing incorrect recording dates or not providing recording dates at all. Unfortunately, Ze Anonym Plattenspieler (a major 1970s bootlegger) doesn’t bother to tell you exactly where this bootleg LP was recorded. Was On Stage in Europe 1975 recorded in Paris? Rome? Stockholm? Madrid? The answer is Earl’s Court in London on May 24 of that year. This LP is actually a reissue of the Europe Records bootleg Earl’s Court, which the equally illicit Berkeley label reissued as Kashmir in 1976. And because ZAP knew exactly where and when these performances were recorded, there was no excuse for not providing that information. At any rate, On Stage in Europe 1975 only contains about half of the Earl’s Court show — Europe Records released the other half on a bootleg titled Earl’s Court II. This bootleg offers very good, if imperfect, stereo sound, and the LP’s highlights range from “Going to California,” “That’s the Way,” and “Tangerine” to the Physical Graffiti favorite “Kashmir.” Meanwhile, the haunting, jazz-influenced “No Quarter” is stretched out to 22 minutes — a long-winded performance, but because Zep’s creativity is at such a high level, one can easily forgive the band’s excesses. What isn’t so easy to forgive is ZAP’s sloppiness. Would it have been so difficult for ZAP to tell you that this LP was recorded at Earl’s Court on May 24, 1975?”

Led Zep JL 536

As Japan JL copy # 536 above.

The Berkeley re-issue (copy?):

The original:

Side 1: No Quarter (22:00)/Tangerine (5:00)
Side 2: Kashmir (9:06)/Going To California (5:02)/That’s The Way (7:43)/Woodstock (5:02 – an excerpt from the “Dazed And Confused” medley)
Recording: Very good stereo soundboard. Source: Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London, England May 24 ’75. Comments: European bootleg with full color cover. Song separation.


Finally, on Vicky Vinyl’s Idle Mind label – where special thanks were given to J. Wizardo:

Led Zep Earls Court

Led Zep Earls Court colLed Zep Earls Court col bLed Zep Earls Court col detail

Led Zep Earls Court b 2

Led Zep Earls Court disc


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