ZAP 7866: THE BEATLES: Next-to-Last Recording Session & WRMB 315/320/352

A1         Instrumental Number 42     0:42     [officially known as “Rocker“]
A2         Save The Last Dance For Me     1:15     
A3         Don’t Let Me Down     4:00     
A4         I Dig A Pony     4:06     
A5         I’ve Got A Feeling     2:51     
A6         Get Back     3:11     
A7         One After 909     2:51     
B1         For You Blue     2:50     
B2         Teddy Boy     3:43     
B3         Two Of Us     3:26     
B4         Maggie Mae     0:44     
B5         Dig It     4:28     
B6         Let It Be     4:00     
B7         The Long And Winding Road     4:42

Later copied by Wizardo under not one but several titles (they added “Get Back (Reprise)” at the end of side 2:

“A-B Single Acetate” – WRMB 315 [I’m digging the cover … I don’t think this was the first version Wizardo put out, just starting alphabetically]:

“The Original ‘Get Back’ Acetate” – WRMB 315:


“The Let It Be Performance”/”The Complete Let It Be Sessions”  2 LP – WRMB 315

The second LP in this double set has “Waiting For My Man” by Lou Reed for some reason, followed by one of the Paris 1965 live recordings.


As a single and double LP WRMB 320 “GET BACK SESSIONS – Studio Outakes”, available on black and colored wax:

Beatles Get Back Sessions 320 L

“Dead wax/run-off markings red label: WRMB 352 A / WRMB 352 B; blue label: WRMB 315 A / WRMB 315 B. These are all etched and not stamped.

Note that the numbers on the LP differ from that on the cover slick, although both LPs appear to contain the tracks from the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, and so this set is possibly a repackage or coupling of two earlier separate LPs.” (eBay description of the double LP version)

I was annoyed by the poor sound quality of these mono recordings. Bought new [in Japan] on June 15, 1976.” (Quote from the Niigata1116 Beatles bootlegs website)

Single LP versions:

Beatles GBSession 352 s

Beatles GetBackSessions red lbl


And finally as simply “Let It Be” WRMB 315 with what looks like a printed b&w cover but may just be an LP-sized insert with a stamp. This copy went for almost $1,000.00 on eBay in July of 2012, surely a record for a Wizardo title.

Also given another life on the TKRWM label:

Beatles VBotBRarest 6

Toasted Records, one of Ken’s last label incarnations, then issued this material one more time as LP 1 of this double set around 1980 [I find the cover that has nothing to do with the artist or the material or even the album title strangely fresh and appealing]:

LP 2 consists of what was previously available as EMI Outakes.

Beatles Toasted lbl

The EVA labels designate a 1980 re-pressing.


In the beginning… Get Back sessions producer Glyn Johns produced four compilations of selected tracks and snippets recorded in the Beatles’ basement studio in Savile Row, recorded between January 22nd and 30th. The first result can be easily identified by being the only version to include The Beatles’ take on Jimmy McCracklin’s 50’s hit “The Walk”.

This first acetate, never intended as a finished album,  made its way across the Atlantic and throughout the fall of 1969, copies of one of Glyn’s acetates were aired by a number of American radio stations, including WBCN in Boston. WBCN obtained a reel-to-reel tape of an acetate and broadcast the tape on 22 September 1969. By the end of 1969, a home tape recording made by a listener was pressed as The Beatles’ first bootleg release, Kum Back.

From “Hot on the heels of Kum Back, in early 1970, two other significant early releases were Get Back To Toronto (I.P.F. Records) and Get Back (Lemon Records). NOTE: it hasn’t been determined if all the early releases are sourced from the same original tape of the broadcast. Due to the amount of releases which featured this material in the early 1970s, it seems possible that other folks might have recorded the broadcast. It could even be possible that some of the early bootlegs might source from WBCN’s tape or the original tape of the acetate. All original vinyl releases of this material featured none of the DJ dialogue from the broadcast.

After a rejected first attempt at an album master, Glyn John’s went to work again in May of ’69 and came up with the definitive Get Back album.


Side 1
One After 909 (DDSI 30.08/09)  2:51
Rocker (Link Track) (Instrumental) (DDSI 22.58)  0:34
Save The Last Dance For Me/Don’t Let Me Down (DDSI 22.59)  0:50
Don’t Let Me Down (DDSI 22.60)  3:43
Dig A Pony (DDSI 22.70)  3:47
I’ve Got A Feeling (DDSI 22.71)  2:41
Get Back (DDSI 27.63 + 28.43 edited  together)  3:10
Side 2
For You Blue (DDSI 25.46) 
Teddy Boy (Short Edit) (DDSI 24.33) 
Two Of Us (DDSI 24.69) 
Maggie Mae (DDSI 24.49) 
Dig It (DDSI 26.55) 
Let It Be (DDSI 31.64 + April 30th-Guitar Overdub) 
The Long And Winding Road (DDSI 26.91) 
Get Back (Reprise) (DDSI 28.43) 

Although it was not broadcast like the first two compilations, this compilation surfaced in the 1970s from both an acetate and, according to Doug Sulpy, a tape source. While the acetate and the tape source are the same compilation, there are two minor differences between the two. For reasons unknown, the tape source is missing the first second or two of “One After 909” and the chat heard at the end of “For You Blue”. This appears to be a banding oddity and not an actual compilation variant. I have been unable to determine exactly when the two individual sources first surfaced but this compilation has been a mainstay in The Beatles’ bootleg canon since it first appeared in the 1970s.

The first appearance of this compilation was in 1974, on an early bootleg titled Get Back Sessions: Studio Outtakes by the famous Trademark Of Quality Records [# 71024 – I would place its appearance around 1972 actually]. That release was quickly copied and re-released under the same title. I would suspect this is the acetate but cannot verify it yet.

Dub’s version

Ken’s version

The first releases were in poor quality but improved quality releases soon began to appear with such titles as Next To Last Recording Session [Ken], Get Back Sessions [Dub] and The Very Best Of The Beatles Rarest Number Six [Ken again]. Labels such Trademark Of Quality and Wizardo led the way with the new releases. The earliest that I can definitively trace the acetate source is 1977 on The Very Best Rarest Number Six (TKRWM).

For whatever reason, many of the early releases began Side 1 with “Rocker” and “Save The Last Dance For Me” while placing “The One After 909” at the end of Side 1. Also, “Rocker” was usually faded in, eliminating the tape start-up at the beginning. This appears to be the doings of the bootleggers.

Sometime in the mid 1970s, Wizardo released the compilation with an appropriate cover. The cover was black and white but it was an authentic cover design for Get Back (actually Let It Be). Thus, this marked the first, remotely appropriate, representation of Get Back [so far, this does not look like a Wizardo release to me]. I cannot determine if this release was sourced from the acetate or the tape.”


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