ZAP 7862: PINK FLOYD ‘Beyond Belief’ + ‘Libest Spacement Monitor’ :WRMB 379/K&S 032


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Background Info:

“In 1970 and 1971 Pink Floyd played at John Peels BBC show. The exacts dates and performance details for these shows [were] shrouded in confusion for years, and [were stated] wrongly in numerous publications (including the BBC – In Session Tonight and earlier versions of this document.).

When John Peel was alive, he was more than a radio presenter. He championed music, music that wasn’t fashionable or current. You could say he was interested in all kinds of music and probably felt that different music could appeal to different people. In memory of John Peel, who died October 25, 2004, here are two early Pink Floyd shows presented by Peel.

On July 16, 1970, Pink Floyd performed at the Paris Cinema in London. As stated in the liner notes to The Floyd’s Of London, ” Peel, at the time, was something of a maverick. Bucking the Top-40 format, he was more interested in promoting almost anything that was not in the mainstream, and had been a huge admirer of the Pink Floyd. Appearing on the Peel Sunday Concert, this was considered a landmark concert where the group premiered two new pieces, If and Atom Heart Mother.

These shows include some of the best and most popular “live” performances of early Floyd material. Recently some Floyd fans have done a lot of effort resulting in 2 CD-R RoIOs (Mooed music, and Meddled) which contain the best and most complete recordings of these shows

16 July, 1970. BBC’s Paris Theatre, London UK.
Sounds of the Seventies: John Peel Show, BBC 1 Radio.
Recorded on the 16th
Broadcasted on 19july70 at 4:00 PM and
rebroadcasted on 22jul70 at 6:00 PM
“The Embryo” – 10:30
“Fat Old Sun” – 5:00
“Green Is The Colour”/”Careful with that Axe, Eugene” – 11:30
“If” – 4:30
“Atom Heart Mother” – 26:00 [with John Alldis Choir and the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble.]
Total time: 60:00

Announced as “The Atom Heart Mother” by  John Peel on his BBC Radio 1 show “Peel’s Sunday Concert” on 16 July 1970, a name suggested by him to the band.

This is the only live performance of “If” by Pink Floyd, with Roger on acoustic guitar and Rick on bass and organ simultaneously (Roger did perform it numerous times on his solo tours). “Atom Heart Mother” was performed with the accompaniment of The Philip Jones Brass Ensemble.
The Fat Old Sun is missing from the BBC transcription discs, and is only available because Floyd fans recorded the radio show all those years ago. The quality of this track is therefore less on the Mooed music ROIO. Most common RoIOs omit this song altogether.

30 September, 1971. BBC’s Paris Theatre, London UK.
Recording for the John Peel Show, BBC 1 Radio
Broadcast on the 12th of October at 10:00 pm
“Embryo” – 10:30
“Blues” – 5:00
“Fat Old Sun” – 15:00
“One of These Days” – 8:00
“Echoes” – 28:00
Total time: 68:00

This was the first time two key songs were performed on the BBC – Echoes (at one point it was called The Return Of The Son Of Nothing) and One Of These Days.

The John Peel Show” was only 55 minutes long. “Embryo” and “Blues” were never broadcast in the UK.  They were only aired on WNEW-FM, New York City, USA sometime in 1971. This WNEW portion was broadcast only once, unfortunately, and features the station’s call sign (“This is WNEW…”) in the middle of Embryo. As a result of this all versions of Embryo in circulation either have a rough (or very smooth) edit, or contain the call sign. The 1971 and 1970 shows are rebroadcast nearly every year in the USA on the “King Biscuit Flour Hour.” However, it is a combination version of the two shows and is incomplete.”

[“One of These Days” from this session was released on TAKRL 1913: PINK FLOYD NOCTURNAL SUBMISSION : ROBOT LOVE]

From a bootleg buyer: “Brilliant. The BBC stuff is the very first questionable material I purchased at the store…and I got hooked on those, uh, unusual releases…These versions are excellent.”


Wizardo created their own version of the 1970 BBC recording:

Pink Floyd 379

Pink Floyd 379 logo 2


von Gossenhush lbl

labels used on earlier runs:

Side 1:  Atom Heart Mother/  Green Is The Color         
Side 2:  The Embryo/ If/ Careful With That Axe Eugene

Quality rating: “Exs” in HW, “EXCELLENT MONO” on

This title has sold for as much as $270 and for as little as 20 GBP. There was just one sale recorded for the extremely scarce K&S version, ending at an impressive $1245.

The rare K&S issue, with roughly half lost in shipment, as seems to be the norm for K&S reissues:

Pink Floyd 032

Pink Floyd 032 disc

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