ZAP 7851/7852: ERIC CLAPTON An Eclectic Collection 1974 Tour Part One / Two

Clapton Eclectic Collection 1

Clapton Eclectic Collection 2 tan

Clapton eclectic Coll autogr

Part One – A: Easy Now/ Let It Grow/ I Shot The Sheriff/ Layla (23:45)                                                           Part One – B: Smile/ Little Wing/ Willie And The Hand Jive*/ Get Ready* (26:30)

Part Two – A: Badge/ Can’t Find My Way Home*/ Driftin’ And Driftin’*/ Let It Rain
Part Two – B: Presence of The Lord*/ Crossroads/ Steady Rollin’ Man/ Little Queenie

* officially released

[Part Two was not listed in Hot Wacks in detail up to book XII and both volumes are titled “Eclectic Selectic” in the appendix; I guess they were feeling creative or that really was the working title.]

The concert song order was: Introduction Smile, Easy Now, Let It Grow, I Shot The Sheriff, Layla, Little Wing, Willie And The Hand Jive, Get Ready, Badge, Can’t Find My Way Home, Drifting Blues, Rambling On My Mind, Let It Rain, Presence Of The Lord, Crossroads, Steady Rollin’ Man, band introduction, Little Queenie, Blues Power


“Eric Clapton’s July 20th show at the Long Beach Arena occurs right in the middle of this first tour as a solo artist and is the most well known and one of the best recorded.  Three of the performances,  ”Can’t Find My Way Home”, “Drifting Blues’” and “Presence of the Lord” were used for the official live LP EC Was Here, released in August 1975 (the LP version edited “Drifting Blues” to only three minutes but the compact disc remaster restores the entire eleven-minute version which segues with “Rambling On My Mind”).

Polydor released Crossroads 2 (Live In The Seventies) and includes “Willie And The Hand Jive”, “Get Ready”, “Can’t Find My Way Home”, “Drifin’ Blues”, “Rambling On My Mind”, and “Presence Of The Lord” from this show.  The first appearance on bootleg is a very good audience recording released as An Eclectic Collection 1974 Tour Part 1 (Ze Anonym Plattenspieler – ZAP 7851 – 4) and An Eclectic Collection 1974 Live Part 2 (Ze Anonym Plattenspieler – ZAP 7852 – 4).”  [Source:]



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