Flat 8228: FRANK ZAPPA 1974 PYGMY PONY / ‘Dupree’s Paradise’ :IMP 2-24 + Toasted 2S902

Flat 8225: FLEETWOOD MAC 1975  OFFHAND has already been reviewed as part of the SODD title “Will The Real Fleetwood Mac Please Stand Up”

[Many thanks for the Dr. for sending me this scan.]

Track list: (Hot Wacks lists for side 1 only) Redunzel / Dog Breath 50-50 / Son Of The Clap / The Nancy & Mary Music Parts 1, 2, & 3 / Montana

The Flat release is then ‘name dropped’ as part of this later release:

Frank Zappa: Dupree’s Paradise (2 LP)

* Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, 24-Feb-1973

Label listed on cover and spine as “The Impossible Recordworks”, but on labels as “The Excitable Recordworks”.
Tracks are not seperated, each side consisting of a single track.

Both discs have identical labels, but track listing is as listed on rear cover.

Side A duration: 19:03
Side B duration: 23:11
Side C duration: 20:11
Side D duration: 26:20

The actual catalogue number is IMP 2-24.

Zappa F DP b
* Re-released on Toasted Records with a deluxe color cover[ca. 1981, see the “Frank as Medusa” color cover below]
* Also abridged to Pygmy Pony (Spindizzle/Flat FW 8228)

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Jean-Luc Ponty, George Duke, Ian Underwood, Ruth Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Tom Fowler & Ralph Humphrey
Dupree’s Paradise

Length: 88:20
Sound quality: Audience B
Label: Impossible Recordworks IMP 2.24,

1. RDNZL[listed as “Redunzel”] [06:16]
2. Dog Breath Variations[listed as “Dog Breath”] [03:09] / Uncle Meat [02:43]
3. Fifty-Fifty [instrumental] [07:01]

4. Inca Roads [instrumental] [07:04]
5. Warts & Mice [an improvisation]
6. Improvisation [16:15 (together with “Warts & Mice”)]

7. Montana [06:48]
8. Dupree’s Paradise [09:15]
9. I’m the Slime [04:14]

10. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?[listed as “The Nancy & Mary Music”] [20:37]
11. Cosmik Debris [05:58]

Tracks 5-6 are 16 minutes of radiant improvisation. Deluxe black & white cover. Released in 1979.

Review on allmusic.com: “This two-record set is a bootleg recorded by a member of the audience during a concert by Frank Zappa at Duke University (in 1973, not 1974 as shown on the cover), with Zappa leading an eight-piece band that includes violinist Jean-Luc Ponty, keyboardist George Duke, and multi-reed player Ian Underwood (making his final tour with Zappa). The first five tracks originally appeared on a single bootleg LP called Pygmy Pony, but a portion of the introduction to “Inca Roads” was edited out to allow time to include Zappa‘s introduction of the musicians at the beginning of the concert — and to possibly omit the annoying conversation between the person taping the concert and another member of the audience during the early portion of “Inca Roads,” which was very audible on the earlier single LP bootleg.

“RDZNL,” “Dog Breath,” and “Fifty-Fifty” make up the initial long and spirited medley prior to the sudden edit into the middle of “Inca Roads.” A group improvisation works rather well, as does a lengthy jam on “Montana.” The nicest surprise is the instrumental “Dupree’s Paradise,” which didn’t appear on a commercial Zappa release until Pierre Boulez conducted an orchestral version in 1984 (though a nearly 24-minute version was recorded at a 1974 concert but not released until 1988 by Rykodisc). The music on this album makes up for its audio shortcomings.”

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  1. Doinker said:

    Just a quick note. the “Pygmy Pony” release runs slightly slow. “Dupree’s Paradise” is at the correct speed and has marginally better sound quality, even after speed-correcting the former.

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