Flat 8221: King Crimson 1974 Senabular

King Crimson Senabular 2

Recorded at: University Of Texas, Arlington, TX – October 6th, 1973

  • 1. Lark’s Tongue In Aspic
  • 2. Easy Money
  • 3. Fracture
  • 4. Book Of Saturday

From collectorsmusicreviews.com: “this one from the University Of Texas is among the very best Crimson audience tapes in existence. The producer of the tape was sitting very close to the stage and used an ECM-19B Sony external microphone with a Realistic-7 recorder. The atmosphere and detail present is simply astonishing. […] Previous […] releases of this tape include […] Senabular Flat (8221).

The ferocious performance by the band easily eliminates any trifling concerns. This has to be one of the best concerts caught on tape. In the autumn ’73 tour Crimson were in the transition phase to Starless And Bible Black which would reach its culmination in November.”


This very bootleg source has been available for purchase from dgmlive.com for some years now. One of the few instances of an artist making a bootleg source available for purchase. http://www.dgmlive.com/archive.htm?show=343

Soundbites from KC collectors:

“A thoroughly exciting show with an energy which comes through despite the limitiations of listening to an audience tape, albeit a very good one for the age and DGM post production.  Good balance and clarity.  “Fracture” is great listening for the ’new’ section, the improv is a monster, and the “Talking Drum/Larks II” is firery. ”

“The 10/6/73 performance is phenomenal, and the recording is excellent.  Sure, it’s a boot but the sound is warm and full.  This could be the best boot recording I’ve heard – particularly from 30 plus years ago.  In my opinion, the sound quality is MUCH better than the Central Park ’74 show available through the KCCC.  As for the performance, it is wonderful in the established repertoire and the improvs are spectacular.  In my opinion, again.  This performance is every bit the equal of the Concertgebouw ’73 released as The Nightwatch and I’d say even more powerful.  And you get RF’s “happy hippies” announcement.  Don’t hesitate, grab this one. ”

“This is the most impecable version of Larks’ to my knowledge. ”

“I’ve got a copy of the vinyl LP Senabular and it always was one of favourite bootlegs. The Improvised track (which I dubbed Senabular (not original I know)) was my favourite piece of improvisation from my bootleg collection. It really is a first rate concert, as always the RF Announcement is very amusing, typical English humour.”

“Absolutely intense.  One of the best perfomances I have heard from any line up.  David’s Viola/Violin is much more promenant than any other recording I have heard.”

“This is an awesome concert. Yeah it’s a bootleg , but what you have here is , undoubtably , the best quality version of this concert available. Without the inclusion of such bootlegs gems like this are not available to be heard. IMO the sound quality is very listenable and the vibe of this concert is fantastic.”


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