Live at Carnegie Hall, New York City; December 5, 1970. Very good audience recording.

Side 1: Down By The River/ Cinnamon Girl/ I Am A Child/ Expecting To Fly/ The Loner/ I’m Wondering/ Helpless
Side 2: Southern Man/ Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing/ On The Way Home/ Tell Me Why/ Only Love Can Break Your Heart/ Old Man


From two reviews:

“While fans have enjoyed Neil Young’s 1974 Bottom Line show (circulated as Citizen Kane Junior Blues), another show many fans are familiar with is the December 5, 1970 show at Carnegie Hall.

In Neil Young: The Definitive Story Of His Musical Career, Johnny Rogan wrote:

The performances at Carnegie Hall in December (4th-5th) were regarded by Young as some of the most important of his career. Young even stated that he would have gladly played for free, just for the pleasure of performing at that prestigious venue. The seriousness with which Young took those performances were evident in some of his adverse comments to the audiences. He demanded silence between songs and when one punter shouted for a song, Young gave him this stern reply:

“Listen, let me tell you one thing. As a performer, when you play Carnegie Hall you look forward to it for a number of years. I don’t take playing here lightly at all and I think that you should have enough faith in me to know that I would plan ahead and include all of the songs that I thought you’d want to hear. That’s OK at the Maple Leaf Gardens… but I’m not Grand Funk Railroad.” [Ed: For this set, he stopped early on Clancy. According to the book Shakey, Young was upset at some noisy fans and called for an intermission.]

…The intimacy that Young achieved during these solo gigs were mainly due to the fact that all his songs were presented in their bare acoustic form. While the electric Down By The River had ended the sets with Crazy Horse during the early part of the year, it was suddenly transformed into the opening acoustic number of his Carnegie set.

There were other surprises too, most notably the acoustic versions of Cinnamon Girl, The Loner, Cowgirl In The Sand, Ohio and Southern Man, all of which were previously well known electric cuts. Young appeared effortlessly to transform them into an acoustic framework, without losing ay of the power or emotion that characterized the original electric versions. Carnegie Hall was a personal triumph and fully demonstrated Young’s ability to take his own show on the road without the necessity of a backing group.

During that Carnegie concert, Young introduced a couple of new numbers, including Old Man and Bad Fog Of Loneliness.”

“Neil Young – Live At Carnegie Hall 1970

In the winter of 1970, Neil Young went on his first solo, unaccompanied tour. He had already toured with Crazy Horse backing him, and as part of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but this was the first time he went out on his own. It was also at a time when his career was starting to really go somewhere, after his time with CSNY and the recent success of his third solo album, After The Gold Rush. He was becoming seriously popular. The tour has been widely bootlegged, and recently (2007) a concert recording from Toronto’s Massey Hall was released as part of his Archives series. However long before this release Neil Young fans had been sharing recordings of concerts from this tour.
This is one of them, from one of his performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City, in early December 1970. The sound quality might not be quite as good as the official Massey Hall release, but it doesn’t really effect the quality of the experience, the whole concert being performed solo on acoustic guitar and piano. Caught at an exciting time in Young’s career, the songs come from his Buffalo Springfield days and his first three solo albums, plus “Helpless” and “Ohio” from his tenure with CSNY… and a few then-unreleased songs. These are “Old Man”, which would be released on his next album (1972’s Harvest), plus a few that wouldn’t see release until many years later (“See The Sky About To Rain” came out in 1974, “Wonderin'” didn’t see release until 1983, and “Bad Fog Of Loneliness” remained unreleased until the Massey Hall album). All twenty one songs are given new life through these stark solo arrangements, and the recording just makes for more evidence of Neil Young’s genius as a songwriter.”


Notes regarding the master:

“Neil is chatty (though the taper turns the recorder off between songs, missing some of the banter), if a bit testy at times about audience noise; at one point, he starts “Clancy,” then stops abruptly and takes an intermission. The setlist includes a few songs that would not be played the following year, including “Cinnamon Girl,” “Wonderin’ ,” “Southern Man,” “Flying on the Ground” and “Birds.” Sound is good to very good.

Neil Young
12-05-1970, Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY (late show) Complete Solo

Source info: AUD>Cass>CD-R>EAC>FLAC Frontend


Disk 1:

1. Down By The River
2. Cinnamon Girl
3. I Am A Child
4. Expecting To Fly
5. The Loner
6. Wonderin’
7. Helpless
8. Southern Man
9. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing (aborted)

Disk 2:

1. On The Way Home
2. Tell Me Why
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Old Man
5. After The Goldrush
6. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
7. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
8. Cowgirl In The Sand
9. Birds
10. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
11. Ohio
12. See The Sky About To Rain
13. Sugar Mountain



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