SODD 012 Rolling Stones Nasty Music

(*) Brussels, Forest Nationale, Oct. 17, 1973 – 1st show
(**) London, Wembley Empire Pool, Sep. 9, 1973
(+) NYC, Madison Square Garden, July 26, 1972

101 Brown Sugar (*)
102 Happy (**)
103 Gimme Shelter (**)
104 Tumbling Dice (*)
105 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (**)
106 You Can’t Always Get What You Want (*)
107 Dancing With Mr.D. (*)
108 Angie (*)

201 Honky Tonk Women (*)
202 Midnight Rambler (*)
203 All Down The Line (+)
204 Bye Bye Johnny (+)
205 Love In Vain (+)
206 Sweet Virginia (+)
207 Rip This Joint (*)
208 Jumpin’ Jack Flash (*)
209 Street Fighting Man (**)


Review from

These sources come from the famous KBFH recordings and are excellent performances in superb quality. Even though this is a assortment of several different shows, personally I like the way this collection flows which is very nicely done. Listening to this several times I can’t help but focus on how Mick Taylor added a different dimension to the early 70′s Stones with his amazing solos and sadly this was his last tour with the group.. I also noticed that these are some of the best performances I’ve heard of Jagger. Highlights for me are Brown Sugar, Heartbreaker, Midnight Rambler, and Street Fighting Man.

And one more from

“The lack of an official live album about the Stones Golden Era of 72-73 has prompted bootleggers to produce the definitive live version of those live concerts many a times. The New York Jagger Birthday Party at Madison Square Garden, the Philadelphia ’72 Lost Album, the live ’73 Perth, Australia show, or the European ’73 King Biscuit Flower Hour have all been contenders so far. One of the most known vinyl bootlegs of the late 70s was Nasty Music (a.k.a. Nasty Songs) that featured songs from NY ’72, and the European excerpts from KBFH radio shows, taken at Bruxelles 1st show and London 2nd day.

You don’t need to be biased towards early beat era with Brian or late Mark 3 (or 4 without Wyman) Ronnie’s version of the band not to acknowledge the greatness of the early 70s live Stones. Songs are so well played without losing any of the spontaneity of those fantastic performances. Taylor solos shine on longer versions of “YCAG” and “Midnight Rambler”, but the subtle “Sweet Virginia” or the bluesy “Love In Vain” have added value too. The 73 recordings have the late Billy Preston on organ while the ’72 Madison tracks show the remarkable fizz of Nicky Hopkins’ piano. On this version of Nasty Music the accent is strong also on the bass playing of Bill Wyman that contributes dynamics to each song development.”

Re-released as TAKRL 24909 with “Spunk”, “Monique D’ozo” or “SIDE ONE/TWO/THREE/FOUR cream colored labels, and black and white printed cover shots of Jagger circa ’75 and ’72. The original SODD matrix has been scratched out and is replaced by 24409-A/B/C/D.

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