SODD 010: The Eagles Crazed & Snake-Eyed / ZAP 7849 Live In Sydney, Australia 1976 / Welcome to the Late Show

Live in Sydney around ’75/’76, however, apparently not the same recording or master as “Welcome To The Late Show”/”Live In Sydney, Australia 1976” on ZAP 7849

So, when was this recorded? I have found tour dates in Australia for January of 1975 and 1976 but they are obviously touring the “One Of These Nights” album here, which was released in June of 1975 and the best website I could find on the Eagles touring & live recordings history lists no recordings from the 01/1975 dates but several for the 1976 tour start, so I”m going with that year. I’m spending so much time on this to find out in which year the SODD label got its start.

Set list from Osaka shows in early February of 1976:

1 Take It Easy
2 Outlaw Man
3 Doolin-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise)
4 Turn to Stone
5 Lyin’ Eyes
6 You Never Cry Like a Lover
7 Take It to the Limit
8 Desperado
9 Midnight Flyer
10 One of These Nights
11 Already Gone
12 Too Many Hands
13 Good Day in Hell
14 Witchy Woman
15 Rocky Mountain Way
16 James Dean/The Best of My Love
17 Funk #49
18 Oh Carol
19 Tequila Sunrise

Compare to the track list of the SODD double:

Take it Easy / One of These Nights / Turn to Stone / Outlaw Man / Doolin-Dalton / Desperado / You never Cry Like a Lover / Midnight Flyer / Already Gone / Tequila Sunrise / Early Bird / Foggy Mountain Breakdown / Witchy Woman / Take it Easy II

Source for sides 1 – 3 confirmed as a decent quality audience recording from Sydney, Australia on January 27, 1976.

Side 4 (starting with ‘Tequila Sunrise’):ABC-TV In Concert” from the Santa Monica Civic Center, August 3rd, 1973. with the exception of the last song, which is most likely from California Jam, as it was broadcast as the only Eagles’ track on May 10th 1974 in show # 32 ‘California Jam part one’.

Eagles Crazed & Snake Eyed 2

Reissued in ’78 on TAKRL 24901 with a b&w cover:


And after that as the third and very rare release on the Terrific Tunes label, pressed from the original SODD plates with the matrix crossed out and TAKRL number added. Record one has Spunk labels and record two has Monique D’Ozo labels. 

Eagles CaSE TT R b

Eagles CaSE TT R or


In my opinion, the following is a fake ZAP title, using a number(1849) they knew ZAP would not use as their series started with 1850.  Note the Anti Gravity label and atypical cover design.

Side 1: Take it Easy (5:20) / Outlaw Man (5:30) / Doolin’ Dalton (6:23) / Desperado (2:37) / One of these nights (4:10)

Side 2: Turn to Stone (9:00) / You Never Cry Like a Lover (4:18) / Midnight Flyer (4:32) / Already Gone (5:13)

Hot Wacks description: Exs. S: Sydney, Australia Jan. 27 ’76 Very limited pressing (one eBay seller claimed 500; it is certainly a rarer title)

Also available on Anti Gravity 102 as:

First edition was on black & blue ‘splatter’ vinyl.

  1. John Foy said:

    Welcome To the Late Show was the first issue of that Sydney show – I held the Left Hand microphone at the Hordern Pavillion in Sydney. The cover art was done by underground comic artist Jay Kinney, and the record was pressed by a San Francisco bootlegger named Robin C. We got busted quick-smart by WEA Records (Warner/Elektra/Asylum) in Australia, so a projected second volume never happened. It was a warm-up tour to work Joe Walsh into the line-up after Don Felder or Bernie Leadon quit – can’t remember who… I remember it as one of the best ever quality sounds at a concert… Recorded on a top-of-the line Nakamichi cassette deck with Shure mics. That’s how I remember it – I was there – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – JF.

    • Thank you so much for your comments, I love to hear from the actual tapers and producers. … It was Bernie Leadon who had famously quit in 1975 “by pouring a beer over Glenn Frey’s head”.

  2. JD said:

    I went to a Eagles concert in Perth wa Australia I thought it was in 1975
    they said they where the eagles from California and took off playing. They did say something about being on there way to England to record.

    I am at a bit of a loss to the exact date they did play in Perth. I am not sure witch oval they played maybe Subiaco oval or Leederville oval
    They did record the concert because a few years later I told a friend about this concert and he had an album LP that had a song from this concert saying it was recorded at this concert. I think this was a double LP and not an eagles lp. Maybe like an oldie but goodies with lots of bands with a red label on the LP
    I my self can not find anything about this concert dates or find any recordings from western Australia

    Sorry to vague about this. Maybe some one can come up with a bit of information.
    Some one did say they thought maybe this concert was just after Welcome to the late show concert in Sydney. Which makes since but the dates do not seem right to me. Is it possible they fly from LA to Sydney and straight to Perth without doing any other concerts in Australia on their way to the UK. This is the impression I had at the time.
    The unknown tracks you are trying to identify just maybe from Perth.
    It was a fantastic concert. The sound was top notch. I happened to be caught up in the monitors by accident. The sounds more like the 1972 album Eagles.

    The recording from the Late show is not very good from what I can hear. The Eagles would have the good master tapes. though.

    Anyway if anybody can shed some light on this. This certainly would be appreciated.


    • Michael Collins said:

      I was at the concert it was at Leederville Oval and it was January 1976

  3. Ben said:

    I still have the first edition on black & blue ‘splatter’ vinyl.

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