1380 – RS: elton john closet keepers / ELTON IN DISGUISE WITH GLASSES :Phonygraf 1113 / ‘RECORDED LIVE AT THE L.A. FORUM, OCT. 5th, 197?’ :TAKRL 1380′

Elton John – Closet Keepers 1974 [TAKRL 1380-RS LP] This is a copy of the [Wizardo ‘sister label’] PhonyGraf vinyl bootleg “Elton In Disguise With Glasses”. Live at LA Forum, Inglewood, CA, Oct 5, 1974 and described as “VG+ FM? stereo. Nice sound. Does not sound like an audience recording.” and “Not the best of sound”.

Date & venue: October 5th, 1974 – LA Forum

01 Grimsby
02 Rocket Man
03 Take Me To The Pilot
04 Bennie And The Jets
05 Grey Seal
06 Daniel
07 You’re So Static
08 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
09 Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
10 Honky Cat


John Elton Closet Keepers 2

And reissued as TAKRL 1380 with an Idle Mind Productions logo.


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