1379 – RS: black sabbath gr’ndlepol

Comment from a collector: “I truly am an incurable ‘anorak’ / ‘geek’ – the title of this boot has been bugging me since I first bought a copy in 1975… anyone have any idea what it means, if anything? Or is it just a made up word that the original bootleggers came up with?”

For the past 30+ years I have asked myself “what the … is a “gr’ndlepol”? ” …and it looks as if I was not alone in that. Well, now we have Google and it seems that the only thing on the planet that is called that is the title of this album. Well, done TAKRL in providing us with this head scratcher.

Source: Originally believed to be from the Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, July 31, 1975 (and * California Jam 6/4/1974)
 True location & date:  Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ on August 5, 1975
Side 1: Killing Yourself To Live / Hole In The Sky / Snownblind
Side 2: Killing Yourself To Live* / War Pigs/Embryo / Children Of The Grave
both versions:
Matrix Side 1: TAKRL 1379-A
Matrix Side 2: TAKRL 1379-B
1st version:
Company and/or Label: Kornyfone reissue series, white label
Catalogue-Number: TAKRL 1379-BS
2nd version:
Company and/or Label: Kornyfone reissue series, black label “World Records”
Catalogue-Number: TAKRL 1379-BS
Comments: Plain white cover with pink sheet depicting a house on a hill.
          Excellent stereo. Two different covers available. One shows only
          the artwork while the second is the same but with the track list
          printed on a free part of the cover. One copy is known with a black
          label saying in silver letters “World Records” and some track
          listing – but this one could be self-made.

I believe that this was the first vinyl issue of this material.


From the now defunct site sabbathlive.com: A highly respected Sabbath collector contacted King Biscuit to inquire about the full release of their 1975 show, which was thought to be from Philadelphia by most people at the time. King Biscuit had been taking requests for future releases, so this was a completely legitimate request. Their initial response was that the show “wasn’t good enough”. But once the KB engineers had a listen to the tapes, they quickly discovered how wrong their assessment was. One of them even asked the collector to identify a song for them. It turned out to be “Spiral Architect”! Also, the tapes were identified as being from the Asbury Park show, NOT Philadelphia as previously thought. [Note: However, the engineer did claim the date was still 8/6/75, although the Asbury Park show has been proven to be a day earlier. Sabbath performed in Philadelphia on 7/31/75.]

The King Biscuit kindly sent the collector a complimentary copy of the show, since there were now plans to release it officially. But when he tried to follow up on this release a few months later, the King Biscuit employee no longer worked there and the release was apparently nixed. And it was from this ‘advance promo’ that the current slew of Asbury Park bootlegs originated from.

More collectors feedback: “For anyone who is a nerdy trivia bonehead like me, if you listen to this version, it has the siren in “War Pigs”, just like the studio version… all other versions have the siren mixed out completely… one has to wonder WHY was it mixed out? were the suits afraid that the siren cause American radio listeners to freak out and think that an invasion was occuring, when this was broadcast on King Biscuit back in the day, like the original War Of The Worlds radio broadcast? LOL this one also contains all the little bass and guitar tune-ups between songs, like when Geezer tests each of his four strings in turn, like “dum, dum dum..dum” kind of thing.. those are also mixed down so quiet in other versions that they are almost not there.”

“I ordered this boot from Kornyphone in Chapel Hill North Carolina along with Queen’s “Sheetkeeckers” in 1975. They cost $12.00 a piece with the postage included. It was like Christmas to me when they arrived! Yes you are correct about “Grndl Pol” having the loud bass tune ups and the missing siren! When I first heard the Asbury Park boot “Heaven & Earth”, I knew what I was listening to. It’s possible that these boots are from to entirely different recorders in the hall that night!”

From collectorsmusic.com: “King Biscuit Flower Hour’s recording of Black Sabbath’s show at the Astbury Park Convention Hall in 1975 must be considered one of the Holy Grails for collectors, for sound quality, performance, and set list. Recorded just days after the release of their sixth studio record, Sabotage, the band has incorporated three new tracks into the set. From looking over collectors audio lists it looks like a 30 minute show was compiled but do not know the songs that were broadcasted. […] Why Black Sabbath has not officially released this show is beyond me, the performance is staggering and must be heard at loud volumes. A Must Have.”

The full show is on wolfgangsvault: http://www.wolfgangsvault.com/black-sabbath/concerts/convention-hall-august-05-1975.html

Listener comment that sums it up quite nicely: “I can actually hear the 100watt Laneys breathing on this recording geeeez this back in 1975 musta been the end of the world!”

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